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In what year did Babe Ruth set the record with 60 runs?

Where is Howard Thurman House?
Daytona Beach, Florida
Orlando, Florida
Sarasota, Florida

Where does the Great Egret nest?
In large shrubs
Colonies called rookeries in trees
On the ground

Home Run Records

Mark McGuireDo you like baseball? A Short History of the Single-Season Home Run Record,
, introduces you to the elite players who have accomplished this feat. In 1961 Roger Maris hit 61 home runs, a record that would stand until 1998, when Mark McGwire hit 62. Competition was fierce between Sammy Sosa and McGwire in the final weeks of the season as fans across the nation cheered for their favorite player.

Play Furious Frogs
Furious Frogs

Equal Rights

WoolworthWhat happened at F.W. Woolworth in Greensboro, N.C., that changed the face of segregation? The National Park Service presents We Shall Overcome, cr.nps.gov/
, a look at historic places of the civil rights movement. Whether you have a research project or want to know more about these places, this is a great resource. Begin with the Introduction to read about hardships African-Americans endured in order to be treated fairly.

The Migration Game

Great EgretDid you know that your actions can play a part in helping birds migrate safely? Experience their journey in Mission Migration, audubon.org/
. Each fall, many birds travel to warm climates to escape harsh winters, then return to their breeding grounds in the spring. In this game, it is your job to see that the flock arrives safely at its destination. You will fly over many habitats, such as farmland, cities and forests, dodging planes and storm clouds along the way. When you stop to re-energize, look for healthy food options such as berry bushes, gardens and insects.

Speak Out

Do you play sports? If so, which ones?

Speak Out Here!

Summer Jobs

Summer break is just weeks away, and you are probably looking forward to having fun with friends. With that in mind, many kids like to earn a little extra spending money for ice cream, movies and amusement park fun. Summertime is a good time to earn some spare cash doing extra chores around the house or for a neighbor, such as weeding the garden, helping clean out the garage or washing the car. Find other great ideas at these helpful websites:

21 Simple Ways for Kids to Earn Money

10 Creative Ways Your Kids Can Earn Money at Home

Money-Making Ideas for Kids


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