Week of April 20, 2014
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Which big-ticket purchase costs $100?

What does the alien do if you choose the right answer?
He turns green
He turns blue
He turns red

Which careers can you have with an atmospheric science degree?
Climatologist and Atmospheric Chemist
Climatologist and Meteorologist
Both A and B

Spend Wisely

sneakersMad Money, pbskids.org/
, is a game that gives you 30 days to earn, spend and save your money. You begin with a shopping list of items to purchase. Each week you receive a $15 allowance to spend. You have the chance to earn extra money when you see a flashing dollar bill. Beware of impulse shopping and money mishaps, however, because you must buy everything on your list before the 30 days are up. Watch the calendar closely to make sure you don’t run out of time. You want to have enough money at the end to buy a big-ticket item.

Play Coconut Vowels
Coconut Vowels

Punctuation Games

fish bitingMax and Molly are trying to talk to aliens in Alien Punctuation, bbc.co.uk/
. You can help them and polish your skills in punctuation and capitalization at the same time. Master one challenge and advance to more difficult levels. Practicing punctuation can improve your grades on writing assignments. Even if you write a good paper, you will lose points for failing to capitalize proper nouns or punctuate correctly. If you are already great at punctuation, try the Really Hard level to see if you can correct all the mistakes.

Build a Planet

ferretCan you build a planet that is habitable for humans? Go on an Astro-Venture, astroventure.arc.nasa.gov/
l, where you will enter the NASA academy. The training modules are led by Astro Ferret with assistance from brilliant NASA scientists. They will help you understand the requirements for humans to survive on a planet. Each module includes a quiz and a mission you must complete to earn your badge. Now it’s time to use the knowledge you’ve gained to Design a Planet. Step into the Virtual Planet Laboratory to see how a planet is really made, then use your knowledge to create your own.. This activity is graded, so it may take more than one try. Help Kevin build great meals for the day as he goes from his kitchen to school and to the grocery store.

Speak Out

Do you spend your allowance wisely?

Speak Out Here!

Spring Fever

Now that spring is finally here and the weather is warmer, it’s nice to be outside and find activities to get us out of the winter doldrums. If you like sports, you may already be in the middle of spring soccer and possibly even baseball or softball season. Love nature? You might try biking or hiking at a local park. If you are looking for outdoor fun, here are a few sites to inspire you:

Fun Outdoor Activities for Kids

Summer Fun

50 Simple Outdoor Activities for Kids

Let’s Move Outside


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