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What is the name of the girl who speaks up to spare Johnís life?

What are you cleaning up in Clean Up Your Grammar?
The Beach
The Park
The Town

For how long should you try to be physically active each day?
At least 60 minutes
At least 30 minutes
At least 45 minutes

First Explorers

captain johnAdventure awaits in Jamestown, Virginia, as you go On the Trail of Captain John Smith, kids.national
. Trying to settle in new territory is challenging as the English encounter Native American tribes who have been living there for years. Build the Fort, go on a Treasure Hunt and try Sword Fishing. When John Smith is captured by Indian warriors, learn how he makes peace with Chief Powhatan. Settlers encounter trials such as fires, famine and strife, but survive a long winter with help from their friends.

Play Penguin Hop
Penguin Hop

Maggie’s Earth Adventures

shipHave a blast at Maggie’s Earth Adventures, teacher.
. Help Edit Dan’s copy, then use your math skills to rescue Maggie’s dog from a rooftop in Dude’s Dilemma. Prefixes and suffixes change words’ meanings. Match them to power your computer, but choose correctly or you might end up with a Short Circuit! Now fly Around the World in 80 Seconds. Each correct answer will get Maggie to her next destination. Try the Spanish versions of these games as well.

Nutrition Games

rabbit thinker on a rockGood food is fun and games when you visit Nourish Interactive, www.
, where Chef Solus shares ideas and games for a healthy life. Help the chef gather healthy foods from the jungle in Pyramid Panic. Stay away from those pesky donuts and french fries – they will just slow you down! Do you like to cook? See if you can remember the recipe for healthy pancakes at the Cooking Academy. This activity is graded, so it may take more than one try. Help Kevin build great meals for the day as he goes from his kitchen to school and to the grocery store.

Speak Out

What study tips do you need the most? Why?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I want to do well on my final exams this semester. Do you have any good study tips to share?— Gilbert S., San Diego

Dear Gilbert: Forming good study habits now will help you every year you are in school. The first thing to do is set aside a regular time for studying. I like to have a healthy snack after school and then get my homework done right away so I have the rest of the evening for other activities. I find that if I wait until later, I am too tired and it takes longer.

When I am studying for a test, I begin preparing the week before, because I know I will have an easier time remembering information I need for the test. I plan on rereading the material and highlighting important facts in my notes the first night, and then the next night I make flash cards and make plans for a study group.

Classmates can quiz each other to make studying more interesting and help determine which areas you still need to study.

You’ll find these and other great ideas at Good Study Habits: Study Tips to Help Kids Study Well, fit.webmd.com/kids/move/article/good-study-habits.


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