Week of March 30, 2014
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Where does electricity come from?
Power stations & wind turbines
Solar power, water power & batteries
All of the above

In what direction does the bottlenose dolphin move its tail when it swims?
In circles
Side to side
Up and down

How can you tell if itís safe to open a door in a building where thereís a fire?
If there's no smoke coming under the door it's safe
Touch the door and if itís cool then itís safe
If the door is not on fire, then it's safe

Watch That Switch!

BridgeSwitched On Kids, switchedonkids.org.uk, know electricity safety. First, learn where electricity that powers lights, computers and electronics comes from in What Is Electricity? Make sure you know Electrical Safety. Identify potential dangers in various rooms of your house. Do you know that you should never plug in anything unless your hands are completely dry? You could be shocked, because water and electricity do not mix! Keep exploring, and you’ll be an expert on staying safe in every room in your house.

Play Ratio Blaster
Ratio Blaster

Fun in the Ocean

oochinaHave some Fun in the Deep Blue Sea at meddy
. Dive Deep with Weebit Cuckoo in his tiny submarine and see colorful creatures on your way. Who lives at the very bottom? Tippity Witchet loves to take pictures. Browse Beach Photos to see photographs of birds, critters and treasures she’s found. Have you ever seen a Roseate Spoonbill or Ghost Crab? See what you can learn from the pictures for your next trip to the ocean. Then Compare Videos to see how the different creatures travel in the deep blue sea.

Get Out Safely

garage saleYou’ve probably had lots of fire drills at school. In Home Fire Drill, homefiredrill.org, you will learn why it is so important for every family to have an escape plan and practice it at home. Help Mikey Make It Out safely when the smoke alarm wakes him up. Help him make the right choices and learn helpful tips. For instance, if you are on the ground floor at home, should you use a door or a window to get out if the alarm sounds? What should you do if you forgot a favorite toy or game? Learn what to do if you see smoke, and other helpful lessons that will help your family stay safe in case of a fire.

Speak Out

Have you ever been bullied? How did you handle it?

Speak Out Here!

Help Stop Bullying

I have been hearing a lot about bullying at school lately. First, please understand that telling a parent or teacher about being bullied is NOT tattling. A bully has power only if you keep quiet. Adults can help in ways that won’t call attention to you.

For example, a teacher can move you to a different seat in class or provide extra supervision where the bullying is happening. Adults can also give you ideas about handling situations when they’re not around.

Most important, tell someone right away. If that does not stop the bullying, tell someone else. Adults can communicate privately through phone or email to figure out how to handle the situation so you can feel safe right away. These sites can help:

Kids Against Bullying

Stop Bullying.gov

Bullying: Kids Help Phone


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