Week of March 9, 2014
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What is the part of the beach that is mostly above water?
Beach Berm

When did Waldo begin his journey?

In Mammal Marathon, what happens to Rabbit right before the finish line?
He runs into a tree
He trips on a rock
He takes a nap

Fun With Science

Dino RockLooking for a unique science project idea? Science Buddies, sciencebuddies.org, has more than 1,000 science fair project ideas from which to choose. Browse Ideas and get started. Have you ever wondered how beaches are created? Try Building Beaches in Ocean Sciences to learn where all that sand comes from. Did you know that Music has texture? Try Soundbites: Tasting the Texture of Classical Music. Each project has all the materials and information you need. The Topic Selection Wizard helps narrow your choices.

Play Dirt Bike Comparing Fractions
Dirt Bike Comparing

Find Waldo

WaldoJoin the Search for Waldo and his friends at Where’s Waldo, whereswaldo.com. First, get to know the characters in Guide to All. Be sure to memorize their faces and learn all about them because it will help you find the items you seek. It’s sunny and crowded At the Beach today. Zoom in and try to find 41 items. You might need your glasses to find them all. Then head into the ocean, where you’ll be amazed at how many items you can find in Deep Sea Divers. Find out more about Waldo’s adventures in Books. You can also download wallpaper or a cool new screensaver.

Story Time

Violin MusicEnjoy the library anytime at StoryPlace Elementary Library, storyplace.org/eel/
other.asp. You will love Topsy-Turvy Tales as you help write an animated story, then watch the action as you read it. Find what is behind the golden door in The Riddle Quest. Solve the riddle to win the crown and the key that unlocks the door. Have you ever been to the library without having a specific book in mind? In Suggested Reading you’ll find books on fun topics such as Dinos Rock and The Golden Ball. Download the Print-out Activity and try to decipher the racers’ license plates!

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Tell us about your favorite trip to the beach.

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Dear Amy: I am trying to make healthier food choices but I am always on the go. Where can I find kid-friendly recipes that are quick to make at home? — Andrea T., New Orleans

Dear Andrea: Making healthy food choices is a terrific idea. Most kids are on the go with after-school activities and events. When I have limited time, some of my favorite snacks are fruit smoothies, carrots and hummus, celery and peanut butter, and grapes or apple slices with cheese. Do you like to cook? If I have a busy day ahead, I think it’s fun to make simple recipes at home the night before so my snacks are ready to go the next day.

Fortunately, there are several places online that can help you get started. Spatulatta, spatulatta.com, is a terrific place to learn to make healthy snacks. Just click on Recipe Box to get started, then choose options such as Sandwiches or Appetizers+Snacks. There are more than 350 videos demonstrating how to make each delicious recipe.

Another site I enjoy is Kids a Cookin’, www.kidsacookin.ksu.edu. You will find tons of ideas for healthy snacks and meals you can easily make yourself or with a parent.

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