Week of March 2, 2014
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In Question Things, what questions do
you answer?
Who, what, when, where, why
Who, what, when, how, why
who, what, if, when, why

In what country do the elephants in the Bali Elephant Cam live?

What is a Smoke
A person who avoids smoke
A person who jumps over fires
A person who jumps out of planes to put out fires

Thinking Guides

Explore a TreeHave you ever wanted to add a unique feature to a school project? Exploratree, exploratree.org.uk, helps you create thinking guides to present your work. Let’s
say you are asked to provide
three alternate endings to a story. You can use the Possible Futures Guide to organize your thoughts and plan the scenarios. What if you are asked to interview a professional in a career you might be interested in? A Day in the Life will help you get started. You will find this site
is an excellent addition to your tools for school!

Play Drag Race Division
Drag Race Division

Around the World

earthLet’s explore new places without leaving home!
EarthCam for Kids, earthcamforkids.com, puts
webcams in places that kids would like to see and
visit. Have you ever been to the Statue of Liberty?
You can take a look at it right now, live, with the Liberty Harbor Cam. Zoom in for a closer look. Next, travel to Zoo Atlanta and watch the Panda Cam, where you can almost reach out and touch those cuddly creatures. Have you ever ridden an elephant? Head to Animals & Zoos and see one up close in Bali Elephant Cam.

Prevent Wildfires

Smokey BearSmokey Bear – Only You Can Prevent Wildfires, smokeybear.com/kids,
is an interactive exploration of Smokey’s Outpost. Whether you visit or live in or near a wooded area, wildfires pose a very serious
threat. Now you can see what it’s like to be a real park ranger. Swim across the river three times to put out the fire in River Rage. Watch out for the animals – you never know what they might do! In Amazing Mazes you have to move the critter through the maze and collect the words in order to put Smokey’s safety messages back on the board. Are you up to the challenge?

Speak Out

What do you do to prevent wildfires
when camping?

Speak Out Here!

Snow Fun

There are so many fun outdoor activities for spring and summer, but what about winter? If you are tired of sledding and building snowmen, you might be ready for something new to do in the snow. I have a few favorite activities you will enjoy trying with your siblings or friends.

Instead of snowmen, create a wonderland of bunnies, caterpillars, bears, penguins and other creatures in your yard. A scavenger hunt is a fun game to play. Freeze colored water into ice cubes and hide them around your snowy yard. Whoever finds the most cubes wins.

Snow is easy to mold, making it perfect for creating a miniature golf course. Use your boots and shovels to create paths, hills and golf holes. You can also play Strike Out, a pitching contest where players try to knock down a pyramid of cans on a snow base with the fewest throws. Or take funny pictures standing behind a headless snowman. Find these and other ideas at: Spoonful, spoonful.com/family-fun/its-snowing-10-activities-snowy-days, and 20+ Fun Activities to Do in the Snow, parents.com/fun/activities/ outdoor/snow-activities-kids.

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