Week of February 16, 2014
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What do meteorologists use to measure air pressure?
An anemometer
A barometer
A thermometer

Which president spoke at the World War II Memorial dedication ceremony?
George W. Bush
Jimmy Carter
William Clinton

How much does a knight’s armor weigh?
Up to 60 pounds
Up to 40 pounds
Up to 70 pounds

Be a Weather Maker

Snowy HouseWhat if you could be in
charge of the weather?
Visit Weather Watch, teach
, and use the
interactive Weather Maker
to create a sunny day or a stormy day. Adjust
the humidity and temperature to create different weather patterns. When you are in charge of the weather, you can begin to understand which circumstances must be in place to create the perfect day for your favorite activities, such as swimming or skiing. Check out Weather Facts to learn more.

Play Dolphin Feed
Dolphin Feed

YOU for President

white houseAs we celebrate George Washington’s birthday,
have you ever wondered what it would be like to
be President for a Day, pbskids.org/democracy/
? First, see if you meet the requirements. Did you know that you have to be at least 35 years old to be president? Apply for the Job to be Kid President. As president you will have meetings with as many as 40 to 50 people each day. Find out fun Facts such as what a president does if he wants to order a pizza, and which president liked to play golf in between meetings.

Adventure at the Museum

Egyptian ArtAre you ready for an amazing journey? Join Aaron’s Awesome Adventure, metmuseum.org/
metmedia/kids-zone/start-with-art/ aarons-awesome-adventure
, as he learns the stories behind the artifacts at New York’s Metropolitan Museum. While his dad wouldn’t let him carve paintings into his bedroom walls as the Egyptians did, he decided to do some research on his own to learn why they did these things. Next, examine “Washington Crossing the Delaware.” Does the action depicted in that painting make you want to learn more about the famous general?

Speak Out

What is your favorite winter adventure?

Speak Out Here!

Your Favorite President

In honor of Presidents Day, my history teacher usually assigns a research project that involves writing about my favorite president. Choosing one can be difficult, because there are so many who have accomplished great things. For instance, did you know that President Dwight Eisenhower commissioned the Interstate Highway System?

To help me narrow down my search, I have found some great sites with facts about each president. Use these helpful online resources to find your favorite president:

USA for Kids: The U.S. Presidents

The Presidents

American President: A Reference Resource

United States Presidents


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