Week of February 9, 2014
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What three types of ponies can you make
in Laughing Ponies?
Brown, Palomino and White
Black, Spotted and Brown
Shetland, Mustang and Thoroughbred

Who wrote “The Mitten”?
Judy Bloom
Dr. Seuss
Jan Brett

When and
where was the
Siberia 1887
North America 1877
Egypt 1896

Paper Fun

Fish CarIf you like arts and crafts, you will enjoy The Toymaker, thetoymaker. com. Learn to make projects out of paper in How To Movies. You can make a butterfly, a treat bag or valentines for your friends. Next, meet the Otters. Charles and Brook Otter need to get dressed for their Seahorse Carousel Adventure. Help them deliver a carousel using the map to find your way. You’ll have to build Patrin’s Fish Car before you can head down the road. Visit Free Toys to find projects to print and put together, such as the Bear Wagon and Laughing Ponies.

Play Sky Chase
Sky Chase

Read and Share

Picking FruitDo you love to read? Some kids do not have any access to books, and We Give Books, wegivebooks .org/books, can make a big difference to them. This program allows anyone with an Internet connection to read and share books online, in full-color digital format. Just pick a title and start reading Classics like “The Tale of Peter Rabbit” or “Madeline.” Books are available for ages 0-10. Discover a new favorite, such as “Goodnight iPad” or “Many Marvelous Monsters.” Check out Share to learn how to tell others about this program.

Ancient Life on Earth

cameraHave you ever wondered about Prehistoric Life, bbc.co.uk/nature/ prehistoric? Take a closer look at the mighty creatures who once roamed the planet, such as the woolly mammoth and Tyrannosaurus rex. See scientists unwrap the remains of the Yuka mammoth found in the Siberian wilderness. Did you know that an ostrich’s legs are similar to T-rex’s? Watch How Fast Was T-rex? to see an ostrich running on a treadmill, helping scientists determine the speed of the ancient lizard. In History of Life on Earth, you can learn the about the Big Five extinctions.

Speak Out

What is your favorite school project? Why?

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Dear Amy: How do I decide what I want to be when I grow up? —George S., Alexandria, Va.

Dear George: Fortunately, you have plenty of time to decide what your future job might be. Choosing a career should be based on what you enjoy doing. For example, if you like working outdoors, you might want to be a landscape architect, forest ranger or a farmer. If you enjoy water-related activities, you might choose to be a marine biologist, zoologist or a submersible pilot. Is science your main interest? Check out Cool Science Careers, coolsciencecareers.rice.edu. There are many jobs to choose from; the important thing is to choose something you think you will love doing every day.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, bls.gov/k12/students.htm, has a great site to help narrow your search. Just choose a topic you are interested in, then pick a career to find out important facts such as education requirements and salary range. Visit Kids.gov for an A-Z List of Jobs, kids.usa.gov/jobs/a-z-list/index.shtml. Choose jobs that sound interesting to you and find out more about them. You will also find fun jobs Games and Videos of professionals.


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