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What are you building in Alien Scavenger Hunt?

What is Mount Rushmore also known as?
The Fifth Wonder of the World
The Presidents' Mountain
The Shrine of Democracy

What is Old Lady Harp’s
favorite saying?
Lets sing a tune
Lend me your ears
Do you have a note for me?

Language Arts Fun

Squanky the ToothtakerGame Goo, earobics.com/
, makes language arts loads of fun with interactive games. Does that poem use rhythm, alliteration or rhyme? Earn keys to unlock the castle doors by guessing which type of poetry each character recites in Wizards and Pigs. Now for some Monkey Business: Each sentence you unscramble builds a bridge to help the monkey reach his destination. Visit Tina’s World and listen to stories, then determine if they are Real or Make Believe.

Play Capital Penguin
Capital Penguin

Mount Rushmore Memorial

Mount RushmoreCyArk presents the digital preservation of the Mount Rushmore National Memorial, archive.cyark.org/mount-rushmore-national-memorial-intro. This granite sculpture, located in the Black Hills of South Dakota, is visited by more than 3 million people each year. Did you know it took 400 workers 14 years to complete the sculpture, starting in 1927? Begin with a Virtual Tour of the site, then move on to Carving the Sculpture to see the historic photographs taken as work on the project progressed.

Melody Street

Chelsea CelloTake a stroll down Melody Street, melodystreet.com/INDEX/live, a world where instruments come to life to teach you all about themselves. Val Violin will introduce you to the five families of music and share fun facts and games. Step into the theater to watch “Happy and You Know It” in Videos, where Ethan and his talented friends put on a fabulous performance. Can you guess which instrument is behind the curtain? Try to master all three levels as they become more challenging, and you’ll earn a certificate in Who’s That Instrument? Just pull the rope and listen, then make your choice. You can also download coloring pages, wallpaper and a free song in Fun Stuff.

Speak Out

Do you prefer fiction or nonfiction books? Why?

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Fun With Pictures

If you’re anything like me, you probably took lots of pictures over the holidays with family and friends. I like to upload pictures from my digital camera or smartphone and create collages or slideshows, or just edit pictures before I print them. It’s such a great way to preserve holiday memories. Here are some of the sites I like to go to that provide free, kid-friendly software for photo editing fun:

Pic Monkey



Photo Factory


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