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The eastern part of Ukraine primarily speaks what language?

How much does a Columbian Mammoth weigh?
10,000 pounds
22,000 pounds
15,000 pounds

What’s the Food Rainbow about?
Fruits and vegetables
A restaurant

Good Politics

ukraine flagAre you ready to make tough political decisions? In 2004, the Ukraine experienced the Orange Revolution, tigweb.org/games/orange, sparked by a presidential election in which voting laws were broken by both candidates and their workers. To win this game, you must make choices that lead to fair and accurate results. Other countries observe and share their ideas about how to ensure a fair election. Some believe a whole new election is required. Use your problem-solving skills to help achieve a peaceful outcome.

Play turtle dash
Turtle Dash

Elephant Odyssey

elephantThe San Diego Zoo invites you on a journey that began 200,000 years ago. Travel on safari to Elephant Odyssey, elephantodyssey.
. Would you like to see what it’s like to be a Columbian Mammoth? Although the scenery is quiet, you will encounter all types of obstacles. Some of the animals you will meet are friendly. Greet them, then answer a trivia question to earn bonus points. Cool off with a swim across the pond and figure out where to go next, but watch out for the saber-toothed cat. You might have to defend yourself!

Time for Lunch

JFKVisit Fizzy’s Lunchlab at PBS Kids, pbskids.org/lunchlab, where animated characters share recipes, videos, music and games. Hungry? Stop by Food and find recipes for all kinds of delicious dishes to make at home, such as Chicken and Vegetable Yakitori and Rainbow Wraps. In Videos, you’ll enjoy funny webisodes about healthy eating and cooking. Did you know that too much sodium can give you a headache and make you tired? Silly friends in Games will keep you laughing as you solve each challenge in Fresh Pick. Now head over to My Kitchen to design and print your own Buddy Auto Bot.

Speak Out

What do you think is the best way to keep participants in an election honest?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I am doing a PowerPoint presentation in class and want to add a video clip from my favorite movie. How do I do this? —Harold S., Bloomer, Wis.

Dear Harold: Opening a presentation with a funny or informative clip is a great way to capture your audience’s attention. The first thing to consider when adding media to a presentation is whether you are allowed to use a copyrighted work in this manner. Fortunately, extracting a video clip from a DVD is allowed for educational purposes under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. You can read more about this at copyright.gov/1201/2010.

Handbrake, handbrake.fr, is software that allows you to capture clips of your favorite DVDs and convert them to a format that you can add to your project or slideshow presentation. After you get your parents’ permission to use the software, determine the Title and Chapter of the video clip on your DVD. Next, open Handbrake, go to Source, and select the clip or clips you want to use. Then click Start to begin downloading them to your computer. For a detailed tutorial, go to chronicle.com/blogs/profhacker/how-to-rip-dvd-clips/26090.


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