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Which building material is easy to make and transport?
Mud Brick

What quality has the snowflake come to symbolize?

What is the
second fact
family group?

Design a Pyramid

pyramidsIn ancient Egypt, the vizier worked for the king on the most important state business. You are the vizier in Pyramid Builder, bbc.co.uk/history/inter
, with the most important job of all: building the king’s pyramid before he dies. First you must find a suitable location, because the wrong choice could mean failure. After the design and building materials are approved, you can begin your project with the king’s blessing.

Play Ratio Stadium
Ratio Stadium

Create a Snowflake

pyramidsHave you ever examined a snowflake when it lands on your window? For just a few seconds you can see its intricate shape. Enter the Snowflake Workshop, snowflakeworkshop.com, to design your own one-of-a-kind snowflake to print and send to friends. Each flake is assigned a code and displayed online for viewing. Choose Create a Flake to learn about the man who discovered that no two snowflakes are alike. Wilson Bentley began taking photos of individual snowflakes in 1885, and his collection grew to thousands of tiny images.

Fun With Math

JFKAre you still on winter break? Whether it is snowy or sunny where you live, you can challenge your friends to a Snowball Fight, fun4thebrain.com/
. In this game, you have to solve a math problem before you can throw a snowball. You’d better know your math facts! For each correct answer, you get to throw a snowball at a friend. Keep an eye on the thermometer! For each incorrect answer, you will get hit by a snowball, and if you get too many wrong answers, you’ll catch a cold and have to go inside to warm up. Once you’re better, you can come back outside to play again!

Speak Out

What was your favorite activity over winter break?

Speak Out Here!

Ace Your Presentation

Second semester is usually the time when big projects are assigned, with presentations to accompany them. I try to find unique ways of getting my project noticed. Many times my teacher will allow some room for creativity in a project so I can put my own style into it. I found a great list called 62 School Project Ideas at ereadingworksheets.com/e-reading-worksheets/school-project-ideas, that always helps me get started in the right direction.

For instance, for a group research paper, you can create a magazine and each member of your team can write an article about a different aspect of your topic. Another fun and entertaining idea is to have a narrator read the presentation aloud while other members of the group act out pertinent scenes. Perhaps you are doing a project about a historical figure. You can create a scrapbook illustrating important events in that person’s life. Let’s say you are presenting an idea for a community service project. Create a brochure that illustrates a certain aspect of the assignment. You could also write a free blog at kidblog.org.


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