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Frances Perkins was the first woman to serve where?
Chief of Staff
Supreme Court Judge
Serve in a Cabinet, Secretary of Labor

Where do computers take their sick pets?
The Intervet
The computer shop

What was the date of JFK’s inauguration?
November 17, 1961
January 20, 1961
December 15, 1961

Influential Women

Ameli EarhartThe National Portrait Gallery offers a closer look at the Women of Our Time, npg.si.edu/cexh/woot. At the beginning of the 20th century, women did not have the right to vote, but by its end they could serve in public office, were fixtures in corporate life and had opportunities they only dreamed of decades earlier. You’ve heard of many of these women, but learn their stories when you click on their portraits in the Gallery. Meet aviator Amelia Earhart, civil rights activist Rosa Parks and chef/author Julia Child.

Play Pony Division
Pony Division

Secret Codes

detectiveNow you can write top-secret notes to your friends at Thunk, thunk.com. Spies and military personnel use secret codes every day to send private information safely. You can do the same thing: Just type a sentence in the box and click Scramble, and your message will appear in code. You can send the coded message to a friend, who can then paste it in the box and click Unscramble to decode it. Visit Learn to see the history of scrambled messages, which goes back many thousands of years.


JFKMeet the 35th U.S. president, John F. Kennedy, at JFK 50 Years, jfk50.org. Listen to excerpts from his inaugural address and famous speeches to discover his vision for the American people. Did you know that he wanted Americans to be the first to land a man on the moon and return him safely to Earth? In Science and Innovation, listen to how he inspired the American people to move forward. Visit History Now to discover what was happening on this date while he was in office. The Legacy Gallery has excerpts of interviews with prominent citizens, such as former President Jimmy Carter, discussing Kennedy’s influence on their lives.

Speak Out

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? Why or why not?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: I would like to make some New Year’s resolutions. Can you give me ideas about how to get started? — Julian K., Nashville, Tenn.

Dear Julian: New Year’s resolutions are like goals. You set a goal for yourself and you make a plan to reach that goal. To see how this works, check out 5 Facts About Goal Setting, teenshealth.org/teen/your_mind/problems/
. For instance, you might have the goal of joining a new club at school. You can make a list of your interests and a list of the clubs that are available, then find one that would be fun for you based on what you’re interested in.

If you’d like to be involved with science activities outside the classroom, you might join the robotics club, or if you like arts and crafts you might join an art or a sewing club. Perhaps you would like to learn a new skill, such as playing an instrument or taking up a new sport. There are many books at the library or sites online that can help you learn to read music or play an instrument. You can also take a class.

Learning to play a new sport can be as easy as asking a friend to teach you in your backyard, or trying out for a team together.


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