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What prevents Haitian children from receiving an education?
Inability to reach a classroom
Lack of teachers

Greece houses the habitats of which two endangered sea creatures?
Loggerhead Turtle and Monk Seal
Blue Whale and Stellar Sea Lion
Sea Anemones and Coral

Who was the first dog to travel across the country by car?
Pete the Pitbull
Sam the Irish Setter
Bud the Bulldog

Real Life Choices

familyGlobal Kids and Microsoft present Ayiti Cost of Life, ayiti.globalkids.org/game/
, an interactive game that helps you experience some of the challenges people in poor countries must overcome in order to get an education and provide for their families. Which aspects of life are most important to you? Pick a strategy and begin by assigning a role to each family member. Each season for four years you will make choices that will have either positive or negative effects on their lives. Choose wisely: If you run out of money, the family won’t be able to buy food.

Play Space Race
Space Race

World History

GreeceNational Geographic Kids allows you to explore countries of the world, kids.nationalgeographic.com/
, through photographs, facts and maps. Visit Greece and learn about the ancient land that hosted the first Olympic Games in 776 B.C. If you are researching a world history project for school, you can Print This Feature to have all of the facts at your fingertips. Did you know that Denmark was once covered in trees, or that its largest mammal is the red deer?

Ask a Question

Hope DiamondGet answers to your wackiest questions at the Smithsonian Museum’s Seriously Amazing exhibit, seriouslyamazing.si.edu. Can you guess what was on everyone’s Christmas list in 1898? Peek through a holiday catalog from back then. Did you know that the hair style favored by our founding fathers featured a “queue”? The Hope Diamond, worth millions, is one of the world’s most famous gems. Learn the surprising way it was sent to the museum when its owner donated it. Find out about this and other fascinating facts at this fun site.

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What’s the best zoo you have visited? Why?

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Writing Tips

Do you ever have trouble deciding how to begin a writing assignment? My projects at school usually require some type of writing. In social studies, I might be assigned a paper about an important historical figure. I have also had pen-pal projects in language arts that required me to write formal letters to friends in another classroom or even a member of the community. Other times, I have been assigned a persuasive essay to argue for or against an issue. Different projects require different styles of writing, and sometimes it’s difficult to match the appropriate style to a project. With that in mind, here are a few sites I like to go to for reference:

Fun Writing Games for Kids

TIME for Kids: Writing Tips

Essays and Other Writing Activities


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