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Why do cowboys wear chaps?
Protection from heavy brush and rope burns
Protection from snakes
Protection from cattle

Where is the most common place house fires start?

How large can ibex horns grow?
Up to 5 feet
Up to 3 feet
Up to 6 feet

Real Cowboys

castleThe Diamond R Ranch, cowboykids.national cowboymuseum.org, is a great place to learn how real cowboys live and work. In Tours, you can see vivid paintings and amazing sculptures inside the museum. Have you ever seen an actual chuck wagon or the inside of a bunkhouse? Now you can explore these Exhibits and mouse over items to find out more. Sing along with famous cowboy Songs. See how much you know about the job in Games, and Help the Boys on the ranch by collecting things they need for Makiní Camp.

Play Kitten Match
Kitten Match

Be Safe

AppleFind out if you and your family are doing all you can to stay out of danger at Fire Safety for Kids, firesafetyfor
. In Kids’ Zone, see if you can identify hidden dangers around the house when you take the Danger Challenge. Firefighters have to reach their destinations as quickly as possible. In the Exit Drill Maze, you must make your escape before the timer runs out. Flames are everywhere in Fireman Joe’s Adventure in Games. Try to put out the fire before it’s too late! Now create your own poster in the Coloring Game.

Build Your Wild Self

Typing CowGo wild at the New York Zoos and Aquarium’s Build Your Wild Self, buildyourwildself.com. How creative are you? Turn your self-portrait into one that resembles exotic creatures you’ve seen in books. First design your human self, and then add headgear, ears, a face, arms, and even choose from a selection of tails and backgrounds to complete your digital portrait. Once you click I’M DONE, you can learn about some of the parts you selected. For instance, did you know that an Asian elephant’s ears can hear other elephants from miles away by feeling vibrations?

Speak Out

Which job would you want to have on a ranch? Why?

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Dear Amy: I would like to volunteer in my community, but I don’t know how to find opportunities. — Parker T., Boston, Mass.

Dear Parker: This is a wonderful time of year to find ways to help in your community. You can join your mom or dad and help serve food at a homeless shelter, play board games with nursing home residents, shovel a driveway for someone who is not able to, or even tutor students at your school.

There are many opportunities to serve, it just depends on what you enjoy doing. Last year I heard about a school that collected gently-used coats to donate to people who needed them. Students in each grade competed to see which class could collect the most coats. The goal was 100, but students ended up collecting more than 800 coats for a local charity to distribute.

Volunteering can also happen close to home, such as offering to help an elderly neighbor with yard work. The important thing to remember is that there are many ways to serve and if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for, you can come up with something new on your own. Check out Volunteer Match, volunteermatch.org, to get started.

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