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Who wrote “Moo Moo Brown Cow”?
Dr. Divaspathy Hegde
Srikrishna Kedilaya
Jayashree Deshpande

In the Perfect Hard-Boiled Egg, why should you add vinegar to the water?
It improves the taste
It makes the shell easier to peel
It helps clean the shell

How large is Canada?
5,900,674 square miles
3,849,674 square miles
3,500,000 square miles

Great Stories

booksChildren around the world can access the best liter-
ature at the International Children’s Digital Library, en.childrenslibrary.org. Begin searching for a story in Read Books, where books are available in 20 lan-
guages. You can search by age group, characters, award-winning books and more. If you enjoy Imaginary Creature Characters, try “Andiron Tales.” If you prefer Chapter Books you might try a classic such as “Heidi.” Celebrating Differences is a collection that values uniqueness. Clearing the Hurdle features characters who have to overcome obstacles.

Play Integer Warp
Integer Warp

Calling Future Chefs

colored eggsDo you enjoy helping your mom or dad make nutritious meals? Spatulatta, spatulatta.com, encourages young cooks to use fresh ingredients to make healthy and delicious meals. Attend culinary classes at home with the video tutorials in Basic Skills. If you enjoy art and cooking, you’ll love Artist in the Kitchen. Make a Mouse in the House for your next snack to share. Are you planning an entire meal for your family? Check out the Recipe Box and access a video library with more than 350 step-by-step lessons.

Virtual Travel

greeceEven if you’re not taking a big trip during Thanksgiving break, Globaltrek, teacher.scholastic.
com/activities/ globaltrek
, can take you on a virtual visit to a country you have always wanted to see. Begin by selecting a destination and travel dates. For example, if you go to Brazil, you’ll discover that it is the largest country in South America. Step Inside the Rain Forest and Meet the People. Record your adventures in a Travel Journal. See how much you know about the world in Mapman. If you get stuck, Tips and Hints will help you find the information you need.

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Dear Amy: How are comic strips made? — Julia, Bloomington, Minn.

Dear Julia: I love comic strips! It’s fun to meet new characters and laugh at their jokes and adventures. You can create your own comic strip in a few simple steps with comics creators that are available online. First decide what story you want to tell. It could be a humorous conversation or a situation that you and your family experienced. Next, decide how many panels you want to use. Generally there are three or four panels per strip. Now plan your panels with a balance of text and images. Here are some sites that will help you get started:

Comic Strip Maker

Kids Space

How to Create a Comic Strip

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