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What material was the didgeridoo originally made from?
A hollow tree branch
Mailing tubes
PVC pipe

What is the function of compost?
Improves soil naturally without toxic chemicals.
Replenishes the ozone layer
Protects the water supply

In Inferring, where was Asia?
The Rocky Mountains
Yellowstone National Park

Catchy Tunes

cajonDaria is a folksinger who travels around the globe performing World Music for Children, dariamusic.com. Check out her music Videos and get ready to dance to the lively tunes. You may hear a few unfamiliar Instruments such as the shekere and the didgeridoo. Listen to each one by itself, and then in a song. You can build your own instrument, perhaps a cajon or a guiro. Have you ever played the Dreydl Game? Download fun Activities and Crafts for a rainy day. You can even make and play your own rainstick.

Play Otter Rush
Otter Rush

Fun With Reading

magnifying glassDo you sometimes have trouble understanding or remembering what you are reading? Step Into the Book, reading.ecb.org/
, with activities that will help you improve your reading comprehension. First get a key, then drag a tool into the book. In Questioning, you will explore the castle and use keys to open each part of the story as you find answers. The Visualizing tool teaches you how to create a movie in your mind while you read. As you finish each activity, you will earn a tool and listen to a song to help you remember your new skill.

Is that Trash?

compostHave you ever thought about how many things we throw away every day? Garbology, naturebridge.org/
, is an interactive game that will help you take a closer look at just where all of your waste goes after you put it in the trash can. The average person throws away 4.4 pounds of garbage each day. Drag the items you typically throw away into the correct containers to reuse, compost, recycle or take to the landfill. Find out how many gallons of water it takes to grow the cotton for a single T-shirt. Take the pledge and find out how to do your part to conserve our natural resources.

Speak Out

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Science Help

I enjoy participating in the school science fair, but sometimes it’s hard to decide what type of project to do. Did you know there are more than 2,000 science fair project ideas you can find online? You are sure to find an interesting project to impress your friends and teacher. Whether you are doing research or an assignment, it’s a good idea to bookmark a few handy sites to help you when you have a science question.

Science Fair Project Ideas

Science Homework Help

Homework Center: Science

BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper: Science


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