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Which torpedo initially had a flawed design?
Mark 14

Who discovered Jumping Soap?
Arthur Kaye
Michel Chevreul
Frank Morgan

How long should you spend in front of a screen?
No more than one hour
No more than two hours
No more than three hours

Young Scientists

bug under magnifying glassExamine a giant eyeball, make your own raisins and try on a space suit at Planet Science, planet-science.com. Have you ever seen a meat-eating plant in action? Check out Our World in Under 11s to watch this amazing meal. Now join Mission Adaptation in Games, where you will use a camera to figure out what adaptations animals make for their environments. Blast off into Space with Ravi, Mara and Jake on an astronomy adventure in Cosmic Comics. Build a Solar Oven and Make an Air Rocket at home in Experiments.

Play Alien Additon
Alien Addition

Take the Water Challenge

girlAre you ready for Mission H2O, savewater.com.au/
? You will be paying a visit to the Wilson family to help them reduce their water usage. Read the helpful tips around each room for clues to win the games. Race the clock in Dish & Dash, where you have to put the dishes away before time is up. Join the water cops in the Garage Game as you ride around the neighborhood to track down water offenders. Your neighbors won’t be happy and may attack you with water. Move quickly: If any of the gauges reach empty, you will lose!

Presidential Decisions

Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln’s Crossroads, constitutioncenter.org/lincoln, is an interactive game where you and the president work together to make difficult choices. Travel back to the mid-1800s and hear the president explain his commitment to abolishing slavery. You may have studied policies such as the Emancipation Proclamation in school. Now you can stand alongside the president and examine each crossroad he encountered, such as allowing black troops to enlist, draft riots and the 13th Amendment. Were your choices as courageous as our beloved 16th president’s?

Speak Out

Would you want to be the president of the United States? Why or why not?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Where can I find a safe online dictionary and a safe online research guide for my school? — Hannah, Donalds, S.C.

Dear Hannah: Most online dictionaries are made for adults, but luckily there are also some designed just for kids. One of my favorites is Merriam-Webster’s Word Central, wordcentral.com. Use the search bar to look up words in the online dictionary, thesaurus or rhyming dictionary. Another great option is Wordsmyth’s Children’s Dictionary at kids.wordsmyth.net/we. Click on a topic keyword to see related words or search for a word in the search bar.

For a guide to online research, check out ClassZone’s Web Research Guide at classzone.com/books/research_guide. Start by brushing up on your skills with the Internet Basics Quiz, and then try a tutorial such as Doing Research on the Web or Citing Web Sources. You’ll also find recommended sites listed by subject.

Need help figuring out where to start your research? Try NoodleQuest at noodletools.com/noodlequest. Check the boxes next to any statements that apply to you and click “Show me a research strategy” for a personalized list of resources.


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