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What were Saltillo textiles woven on?
Treadle looms
Back strap looms

How many Amur leopards remain in the wild?

What shape is a grain of salt?
A sphere
A cube
An octahedron

Art of Weaving

weaving loomExperience the unique Textiles of the North American Southwest, smithsonianeducation.org/
, in the Smithsonian’s collection of blankets, baskets, rugs and clothing. Each one has a unique history, such as the Hispanic Pictorial Weaving. Examine the details and read about the Matachines dance it depicts. Did you know that people did not always grow their own vegetables? Squash, maize and beans were the first ones to be cultivated. Find out when and why they became important in the Timeline.

Play Spelling Bees
Spelling Bees

A Virtual Zoo

birdVisit the animals that live at the Philadelphia Zoo, philadelphiazoo.
, America’s first zoo. Whether you’re researching a school project or just want to know more about your favorite animals, you’ll find the information you need. Check out The Most Endangered Animals to see wildlife such as the Western Lowland Gorilla. Have you ever seen a Golden Lion Tamarin? Learn about this tiny primate in Save Wildlife. Nearly 1 billion birds die each year from window collisions. The Migratory Bird Initiative tells what the zoo is doing to help.

Solve the Case

badgeThe City of Materials, cityofmaterials.net, is unlike any city you’ve ever visited. Walk through Mayor Charpy’s house and click on everyday items such as popcorn and ketchup to gather facts and fun experiments you can try at home. The Austen Detective Agency has a full caseload. Help solve some materials cases using the handy tools in your backpack. You have to pass your P.I. Quiz and earn your Freshman Badge before you can begin your first case. Once you choose a case, be sure and listen to your cellphone messages for important clues. Ready for a break? It’s time to play some Games.

Speak Out

Which endangered animal would
you want to help save? Why?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: How many animals are endangered in Africa? — Kaitlynn, Olathe, Kan.

Dear Kaitlynn: The African continent is home to many endangered species. Many people know that cheetahs and African elephants are vulnerable, but there are thousands more species of animals that also need protection. Using the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species, iucnredlist.org, I was able to search for a list of endangered animals in Africa using Other Search Options, which allows you to search by location, taxonomy, habitat and more. I found out that there are more than 2,500 species of animals native to Africa that are listed as Vulnerable, Endangered, Critically Endangered or Extinct in the Wild.

Dear Amy: My 8-year-old grandson wants to learn map reading and compass usage. — Mort, Arnold, Md.

Dear Mort: A great place to learn map skills is MapZone’s MapAbility, mapzone.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/mapzone/PagesHomeworkHelp/mapability/. This site covers everything from map symbols to compass bearings. After learning the basics, maybe you can explore your city or a local nature center together using a map and compass. Have fun!


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