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Which story won first place in 2012?
The Elephant Ballerina
Tractorman Saves the Rainforest
Lauren the Lonely Tiger

What is baleen also known as?
Whale oil

How many species are listed as endangered in the U.S.?
About 800
About 1300
About 1900

Share a Story

booksAttention, kindergarten through third-graders! If you like to write short stories, enter the PBS Kids Writers Contest, pbskids.org/writerscontest. About the Contest explains the prizes and rules, and you can write your own unique story in Start Creating. Choose a theme, characters, objects and words; it just takes a few minutes, and you can save your favorites to your Story Stuff folder. Do you enjoy reading? If you don’t wish to submit a story, you can read award-winning stories from previous years in Story Stats.

Play Hungry Puppies
Hungry Puppies

Digital Treasures

Tlingit basketTake a virtual trip to the University of Oregon’s Museum of Natural and Cultural History, natural-history.uoregon.edu/
. While it is illegal to collect birds’ eggs today, you can see what many species’ eggs look like in the Birds’ Eggs exhibit. Examine the shelves in Rocks and Minerals: Everyday Uses for items you have at home. The brilliant shapes and colors of the Wisner Shells provide a glimpse into a collection of more than 6,200 shells. World Harmony displays instruments from around the world. See anything familiar?

Chemical Sleuths

insect sprayNow you can be an expert for the Environmental Protection Agency when you learn how to watch out for pesticides at epa.gov/pesticides/kids. Search every room in the house to see if you can find any toxic substances in Learn About Household Chemicals. Looking for something fun to do outside? Pest Patrol has a whole list of backyard activities such as Dandy or Not? You will surprise your friends with your knowledge of everything you can do with dandelions. Endangered Species Facts is a great place to determine whether endangered species may live in your area. Download coloring pages to see the plants and animals near you.

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I have always enjoyed solving tricky puzzles, from jigsaws to Sudoku to crosswords. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert problem solver, there are plenty of great puzzles and games online to keep your mental skills sharp. Some people even use special brain-training puzzles and games, but I think what really matters is having fun! Check out these sites for a ton of puzzle games and even a puzzlemaker to create your own custom challenges, such as word searches, math squares, mazes and more:


Erich’s Puzzle Palace

Simon Tatham’s Portable Puzzle Collection

FunBrain Sudoku


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