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How long is the largest known snail shell?
1.5 feet
2 feet
2.5 feet

Which two types of fruit did Lewis discover in St. Louis?
Osage apples and plums
Persimmons and strawberries
Crab apples and pawpaws

When did almost all lunar impacts happen?
At the beginning of the solar system history
During Earth's early history
During modern times

Shell Facts

shellThe Conchologists of America Kid’s Section, conchologistsofamerica.org/
, is full of fun, games and shell facts. There’s more to those pretty seashells you pick up on the beach than color and shape. Did you know land snails are able to lift 10 times their weight on a vertical surface, or that scallops have dozens of eyes? You might look at those tiny creatures a little differently from now on – or they may be looking at you! Shell words are difficult to pronounce when you try to solve the word search in Games. Gather great ideas to begin your own shell collection in Activities.

Play Country Toad
Country Toad

Join the Expedition

peace medalThe Library of Congress shares the adventures of explorers Lewis and Clark in an interactive display called Fill Up the Canvas, 1.usa.gov/gcoQd7. This is one history lesson you’ll never forget, so enter the map and travel the Rivers of Words. Learn how the expedition began in Thomas Jefferson’s secret letter to Congress. Read a chilling account of a ferocious predator’s chase in Bear Description. History comes to life through detailed journals the team kept as they traveled. Would you have been a good explorer?

Astronomy for Everyone

girl looking through telescopeAre you fascinated by NASA exploration and missions? The Night Sky Network, nightsky.jpl.nasa.gov, helps citizen scientists connect with astronomy clubs and events in their area. Are you interested in asteroids, comets or black holes? Search Astronomy Activities by topic to find your next adventure. Show your friends how to become meteorite detectives when you download Meteorite or MeteorWrong. Craters on the Earth and Moon will help you answer an important question about our closest neighbor, the moon. If so many asteroids strike the moon, where are all the craters on Earth?

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Dear Amy: Is there any way to tell where a shortened URL goes? — Abigail, Evansville, Ind.

Dear Abigail: Shortened URLs became popular as a way to share links without using up your character limit on sites like Twitter. There are many different URL-shortening services, and many websites use their own custom short links, such as Twitter’s t.co or Google’s goo.gl. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell where a shortened URL leads just by looking at it. You can use a URL-expanding website to see where a link goes and decide if it’s a site you actually want to visit. LongURL, longurl.org, is a great choice. It will expand a URL from any service in addition to giving the meta description of the site the shortened URL redirects to.

Checking where shortened URLs lead before clicking on them can also help keep you safe online. Although most short links are safe, sometimes spam emails or hacked social network accounts will use shortened URLs to trick you into visiting a malicious website. The safest policy is to avoid clicking on any links in an email or other online communication if you do not know the sender. To learn more about staying safe online, visit 4kids.org/safesurf.


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