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Which uses more water: washing dishes by hand or running the dishwasher?
Washing dishes by hand
Running the dishwasher
Neither — it uses about the same amount

Who is the author of Dragon Rider?
Cressida Cowell
Cornelia Funke
Kate Klimo

In the “A is for …” game, what does T stand for?
Tyrannosaurus rex

Every Drop Counts

rubber duckDo you use water wisely at home? The Water Family, thewaterfamily.co.uk, is a fun interactive game
where you are in charge of making the best choices for your family to conserve water. You can earn up to 1,000 points if you’re up to the challenge! Create your family, then choose a category and get started. This is not your typical game: To win, you must master several minigames along the way. Turn on the XRAY and search carefully to see what you might be missing. Press the buzzer if you know the answer in Ask Your Family, a game show environment.

Play Tractor Multiplication
Tractor Multiplication

Kid-Approved and Reviewed

boy readingWhen you are looking for a good book to read, you want recommendations from kids your own age, and that is what DOGObooks, dogobooks.com, is for. Finding a new book or series to start can be difficult with so many books to choose from. Narrow your choices by checking out the latest Reviews written by kids just like you. You can search for books by title, author or ISBN number. Or just pick a genre such as Science Fiction, Adventure, Biography, Mystery or Poetry to find something new. Remember to share your own reviews, too.

Creatures and Rocks Galore

dinosaurThe Oxford University Museum of Natural History presents The Learning Zone, www.oum.ox.ac.uk/thezone. This is the place to visit for projects on Animals, Insects, Fossils or Rocks. First you can explore the site to find your topic. Now click on a category to find the cool facts you need to ace your assignment. Let’s say you discover an unusual tiny creature in your backyard. Visit Insects and use Instant I.D. to find a picture of that bug and learn more about it. Once you’ve finished your research, it’s time for a challenge: Play Rocky’s Rock Cycle Games in Funstuff.

Speak Out

Does your family use water wisely?

Speak Out Here!

Just for Tweens

Where do you go online if you’re too young to sign up for Facebook but you’ve outgrown sites aimed at younger kids? Most social networking sites exclude kids under age 13, because the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act makes it illegal for websites to collect personal information from children without a parent’s permission. Luckily, there are some great sites designed for the tween crowd. These sites are free to join, with a parent’s permission.

If you’re into celebrities, fanlala.com is the site for you! You can become a “fan” of your favorite stars in Clubs and connect with other fans. The site also offers News, Quizzes, Videos, Photos, Polls and Games.

No matter what your interests are, you’re sure to enjoy Grom Social, gromsocial.com. This site was created by preteen Zachary Marks and offers many of the same features as popular social networking sites. You can chat, share photos and videos, and create events. Join a group to discuss your interests with other members. Groups include Sports, Gaming, Entertainment, Health & Fitness and more.


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