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Who is considered the greatest scientific genius of all time?
Isaac Newton
Albert Einstein
Stephen Hawking

What is the biggest mammal found in the Muir Woods?
Black-tailed Deer

How did Richard’s mom start introducing him?
Richard the Talented
Richard the Great
Richard the Artist

Live in Space

SaturnThe Children’s Museum of
Indianapolis presents Cosmic Quest, childrensmuseum.
, a guide to surviving in space. To master Living in Space, you must first become a Mission Commander. Play the game, then print your certificates as you complete each level. Did you know the Sun is about 5 billion years old? Learn this and other facts as you search the Field Guide to the Universe. Explore the discoveries of Astronomers such as Albert Einstein, Aristotle or Stephen Hawking. Which space probe was the first to visit two planets? Find out in Space Craft!

Play Dirt Bike Proportions
Dirt Bike Proportions

Investigate the Forest

Anna's HummingbirdPlay Nature Detectives, nps.gov/goga/forteachers/
, in the Muir Woods ancient redwood forest. If you’ve never been to this forest, Explore the Panoramas, then grab your binoculars and take the Crustacean Frustration challenge. Click on the wildlife to learn about their behavior, such as how the Snowy Egret searches for food. My Notebook will help you keep track of the plants and animals you see. You’ll never guess the sound the Giant Pacific Salamander makes when it’s scared. Start another investigation and build a food web or stop a Plant Invasion.

Monumental Art

FulcrumJourney into the world of talented sculptor Richard Serra, joy2learn.org/sculpture. Richard enjoyed art from an early age. As he describes his experiences in My Life, you will learn who encouraged his talent before he was even 5 years old. How did working in Steel Mills influence his art? When you visit My Gallery, check out “The Matter of Time” in Museum Work, and “Fulcrum” in Urban Work. Imagine sculpting something more than 100 times your size! Now visit How I Work to see how his creations take shape. You may be surprised to learn that this artist does not work from sketches.

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What’s your favorite famous
sculpture or painting? Why?

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Make the Grade

Ready or not, it’s back-to-school time! The first homework assignments of the school year might leave you wondering if you still remember how to do math, or if you might need some extra help with grammar on your book report. Fortunately, there are many great online resources that can help you get back on track. You can practice math facts with virtual flash cards, use writing tools to sharpen your skills, and find links covering topics from art to world history and more at these sites:

Homework Helper

BJ Pinchbeck’s Homework Helper

Homework Help



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