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What year did B.B. King and His Friends appear at Carnegie Hall?

What is the simple geometric shape repeated in the geodesic dome?

How many times more powerful is a dog’s sense of smell than a human’s?
25 times
44 times
63 times

Music Legends

Herbie HancockCarnegie Hall presents A History of African American
Music, carnegiehall.org/
. Musical genres dating back to the 1700s will have you on your feet as you listen to the tunes. Turn up the volume and enjoy the lively piano of Scott Joplin in Ragtime. Jam with a modern artist in Electro-funk. Can you identify the instruments in the New Orleans-Style Jazz recording? As you explore the music, you will discover historical facts and notable performers. This is a terrific resource for your next music report.

Play Demolition Division
Demolition Division

Dream It and Build It

Dutch houseArchKIDecture, archkidecture.org, is a fun way to learn about math, science and visual arts through architecture. Everyone has seen a unique building or bridge and wondered, “How did they build that?” The Incredible Rolling Bridge in London is a pedestrian bridge that actually curls up into a circle so boats can pass in the canal below it. You can create your own structures in Projects. Make a Sandcastle, then send in a picture of it to be featured on the site. Next time you are at the library, check out some archKID books and get ready to be inspired.

Undercover Kids

Colby the dogSpecial Agent Bobby Bureau needs your help in FBI Kids, fbi.gov/fun-games/kids. In order to complete his mission, Bobby needs an effective disguise. Can you design one for him? Meet Colby the dog, who will introduce you to his friends in About the FBI. You can print your own credentials, just like a real agent. Safety Tips are important for everyone to be aware of. Learn some important rules to keep in mind whether you’re on your computer at home or at school, or out with friends or family. Read the Story of a Strange Flashlight to find out How We Investigate a real case. What have you learned about searching for evidence?

Speak Out

Who is your favorite
African American musician?

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Dear Amy: How can I tell if an email is a scam? — Emily, Providence, R.I.

Dear Emily: If your email account has a good spam filter, most scam emails will probably end up in the spam folder, but you may still find an occasional scam email in your inbox. Many scam emails will try to trick you by posing as a message from a well-known company. They might even use graphics from the company’s website to make their email appear legitimate. Luckily, there are clues you can look for in an email to spot a fake.

The first place I look is at the email sender. If an email claims to be from a company but the email address is from another domain name, it’s almost always a scam. For example, an email sent from facebook@xyz.com or security@facebook.xyz.com isn’t really from Facebook. For more tips on spotting email scams, visit atg.wa.gov/InternetSafety/Fraud/Email

If you suspect that an email is a scam, make sure you do not click on any links it contains or reply to the sender. Clicking on links could take you to a malicious website. The safest thing to do is to report the email as spam and delete it. Stay safe!


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