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Hawaiians make a trumpet using what unique item?
A rolled ti leaf
A human thigh bone
A cow horn

In Digital Permanence, what were the consequences for Alex and Mateo?
Their coach kept a copy of their false comments to attach to college references
They were given detention for two weeks
They were put on probation and were not allowed to play in the next soccer game

Who was Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle’s character based on?
A kitten that Beatrix borrowed to draw for an illustration
A duck that lived at Hill Top
A woman named Kitty MacDonald

Behind the Music

timpaniHave fun with classical music and instruments through interactive games and videos at Sphinx Kids, sphinxkids.org. Walk through the Instrument Storage Room to explore woodwinds, strings and more. Did you know the timpani are considered the most important percussion instruments in the orchestra? See if you can find instruments you’ve never heard before. Create tunes using the beats in the Rhythm Band, then become the composer in Orchestration Station. Listen to the original song and decide if you like your version better.

Play Typing Jets
Typing Jets

Cyber Skills

girl at computerPower to Learn, powertolearn.com/students, is a site about everything from online research to dealing with bullies to being smart on the Internet. Visit Internet Smarts and share your opinion. In Social Networking: Don’t Give Yourself Away, Jill gets into a potentially dangerous situation. Would you make the right decision? Sign the pledge and don’t be a bystander – take a stand and Delete Cyberbullying. In School to Career, get an inside look at what it would be like to work at Radio City Music Hall or for the New York Knicks. Take the fun challenge in Games!

Classic Characters

Peter RabbitYou’ll enjoy the beloved mischievous bunny and his friends in Peter Rabbit Fun and Games, peterrabbit.com/us/fun_and_games. Did you know that many of the characters in Beatrix Potter’s books were based on real people and animals? Get reacquainted with Jemima Puddle-Duck, Mr. Jeremy Fisher and other favorites in Meet the Characters. It’s time to think fast in Games, as you race against the clock in Vegetable Picking and use your knowledge of the story to get ahead in Peter’s Net Maze. Download coloring pages, then check out the beautifully illustrated collection of e-cards and send notes to all your friends.

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Dear Amy: My computer freezes all the time. Why does it do that? — Ori, El Paso, Texas

Dear Ori: There are many reasons why computers freeze, and figuring out exactly what is causing the problem can be tricky. Many freezes are caused by software. If you are trying to use too many programs simultaneously, your computer might not have enough memory to keep them all running correctly, which can cause it to freeze. Limiting the number of programs running at the same time can make a big difference. If a particular program frequently causes your computer to freeze, try updating it to the latest version.

Freezes can also result from more serious issues, such as a problem with the operating system, an overheated CPU or faulty hardware. For more information about what causes computer freezes, visit computerhope.com/issues/ch000690.htm.

If your computer is running Windows 7 or 8, you can find troubleshooting information at support.microsoft.com/kb/2681286. Ask a parent for help before trying any of the suggested solutions. For further troubleshooting, you may need to have an experienced technician look at your computer.


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