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What profession did Yael Nazé choose?
Computer Scientist
Veterinary Virologist

When was the first Green-crowned Brilliant nest discovered?

How long were infants carried in cradleboards?
Up to nine months
Up to one year
Up to two years

Women in Science

scuba diver with sea turtleScience: It’s a Girl Thing, science-girl-thing.eu/en, is spreading the news that girls have what it takes to be scientists. Did you know that girls are just as great at math and science as boys are? For a variety of reasons, more boys than girls tend to pursue careers in science. If your Dream Job is finding new ways to protect the environment, you can become a Renewable Energy Engineer. If scuba diving and sea creatures fascinate you, Marine Biology may be your destiny. Don’t be afraid to shoot for the stars. Find out Six Reasons Science Needs You!

Play Word Invasion
Word Invasion

Aardvarks to Zebras

giraffeYour next research project will be a breeze with Encyclopedia of Life, eol.org. Have you ever had to wade through websites or books to find the right information for an assignment? EOL gathers information from trusted sources such as museums, universities and top scientists to provide the most complete information about life on Earth. Enhance a presentation with images, video and maps. The searchable database simplifies every quest. For instance, if you search “Birds of Costa Rica” you will see the strikingly colorful Scarlet Macaw (Ara Macao).

Native Fashion

Shoshone leggings moccasinsDid you know that a dress can tell a story? The National Museum
of the American Indian presents Identity by Design, nmai.si.edu/
. Native women in the United States and Canada design dresses that are not only beautiful but also represent the memories and traditions of the artist. The intricate details of the garments in the Full Circle of Life reveal how dress design played an important part in passing on historical and spiritual knowledge to future generations. The Powwow World keeps tradition alive through dance.

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Create Your Own

Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects are a very popular topic online. Thanks to helpful bloggers and DIY websites, people all over the world can learn how to make all kinds of things. Whether you want to bake bread from scratch, build a bookshelf or craft your own toys, you can find a tutorial online to guide you through the process. There are even DIY websites made just for kids! Some projects require adult supervision, so be sure to ask a parent or guardian for help. Here are a few of my favorite DIY destinations for kids:



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