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Where and when did Coco Chanel open her first dress shop?
London, 1920
Paris, 1910
New York City, 1900

In Science Ice Cream, what does the salt do to the ice?
Makes it warmer
Makes it colder
Makes it dry

What did Edison call the working model of his camera?

Future Designers

designerKids Think Design, kidsthinkdesign.
, inspires creative kids to strive for exciting careers. If you love to create fashion, book covers, architecture or other projects, submit your original ideas to be featured here. Have you ever wondered how an animated film like “Brave” is created? Meet John Lasseter, the creative mind behind many Pixar and Disney films. Book cover designers try to catch the reader’s eye. Flip through the covers of “Alice in Wonderland” to see how artists interpret characters differently. Now Design a Project of your own.

Play Ratio Stadium
Ratio Stadium

Experimental Fun

squid in a bottleIt’s time to explore the ScIslands, questacon.edu.au/scislands, an interactive map of science projects you can try at home. Pick a subject or click on an island to get started. Try making a Balloon Kebab, but it’s not the treat you expect. Who needs to stop for gas when you have a Balloon-Powered Car? Build two at home and race with your friends. Play a concerto using only a Glass Bottle Orchestra. If you love fireworks, you might enjoy making your own Pop Rocket using common household items. Be sure to ask a parent – this project can be messy!

Awesome Inventions

motion picture cameraThe Edison National Historic site, nps.gov/features/edis/feat001/
, is about turning ideas into reality. Thomas Edison patented more than 1,000 inventions, including the motion picture camera. Visit Inventing to see how this idea began when a photographer asked Edison to help solve a problem. As you study the process and watch the videos, try to answer the questions correctly to determine his next steps. Did you know that Edison also created the lightbulb? In Building, you become the inventor and find the right materials to build a longer-lasting lightbulb.

Speak Out

What is your favorite animated film?

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Dear Amy: How exactly do filmmakers incorporate CG animations with live footage? — Marc, Fyzabad, Trinidad and Tobago

Dear Marc: Special effects in movies are truly amazing, thanks to computer graphics. Characters can be transported to almost any location with the help of chroma keying, also known as blue screening. Actors are filmed in front of a solid blue or green background, then film-editing software removes the background. The new background can be other film footage or even an animated fantasy world. Animators can also add 2D or 3D animations, created frame-by-frame, to match the film. Computer software then combines the animations with the film’s live footage. To learn more, visit entertainment.howstuffworks.com/computer-animation5.htm/printable.

Dear Amy: What is an operating system? — Lief, Bloomington, Minn.

Dear Lief: “Operating system” refers to the software that manages a computer’s operations, including memory, processes, software and hardware. Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS X and Linux are all common operating systems. Go to gcflearnfree.org/computerbasics/2 to find out more.


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