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Why is the Cinnamon Challenge so dangerous?
Some people have a cinnamon allergy
Cinnamon is mildly poisonous
You can choke and damage your lungs

What is the most common symptom of a food allergy reaction?
Swelling of the tongue and throat

Who returned after the war?
Anne Frank
Otto Frank
Edith Frank

News for Kids

angry birdKids are interested in what’s going on in the world too, and that’s why GoGo News, gogonews.com, provides big news just for kids. Visit Planet to see the awesome exhibit that NASA and Angry Birds teamed up to create. You might want to check it out on your next family vacation. If you like knock knock jokes, silly questions and interesting people, you’ll love Cool&Fun. Catch up with the world’s current events in News. Healthy Candy? UNREAL is a new kind of candy that is better for you – read all about it in Picks. You’ll want to tell your parents about this!

Play Ducky Race
Ducky Race

Protect a Life

Alexander the ElephantAre you or any friends allergic to peanuts, eggs, milk or seafood? FAANKids, faankids.org, is a food allergy site just for kids. During an allergic reaction, a person’s tongue and throat can swell, causing difficulty breathing. Even if you don’t have an allergy yourself, it’s important to understand Food Allergy Basics so you can Be a PAL and look out for your friends. In Activities, find the allergens in the Image Puzzle, then finish by coloring the page. Have you ever been to the International Zoo? Meet Alexander the Elephant and his amazing friends.

Meet Anne Frank

Anne FrankThe Secret Annex Online, annefrank.org/en/Subsites/Home, brings the story of Anne Frank and her famous diary to life. During World War II, Anne and her family hid in a secret space behind a bookcase in her father’s business for two years, until they were discovered by the Nazis. Anne described her experiences in her diary and helped the world understand what it was like for her family to live in fear of exposure. Enter the 3D house and explore the Annex. Imagine what it would be like to always be quiet and never go outside. Get to know all of the people who lived there in Who is Who?

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What can we learn from Anne Frank?

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Backyard Safari

Your yard or a nearby park can be a great place to look for wildlife. You might see some birds and squirrels, but one type of creature you’ll definitely find is insects. We all know the names of common insects such as butterflies, ants and grasshoppers, but sometimes you’ll find an interesting bug that you’ve never seen before. There are some great websites that can help you figure out what kind of critter your mystery bug is. Use these sites as references next time you’re exploring the wildlife in your yard:

Bug Identification Key


Kentucky Critter Files

Entophiles – Insect Pictures & Bio


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