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What is the rarest of all cranes?
Sandhill cranes
Whooping cranes
Hooded cranes

What is entomophagy?
A crop disease
Eating insects
The study of prairie dogs

What does a Danger Ranger never go anywhere without?
A life jacket
A flashlight
A plan

Caring for the Earth

Eastern pantherChildren of the Earth United,
childrenoftheearth.org, are dedicated to making the planet a healthier place. If you want to protect animals, plants and natural resources, you can get involved. Creative Kids share ideas about how to conserve habitats and resources. If there is an endangered animal or wildlife area you would like to protect, check out the Kids’ Book Project in Awesome Activities. Kids around the world saved 64,000 acres of rainforest! In Earth Issues, watch Conserving Energy for Kids and start saving energy at home today.

Play Word Frog
Word Frog

Farm Facts

applesDid you know that you will eat nearly a pound of insects in your lifetime? The Northern Plains Agricultural Research Lab brings you Just for Kids, ars.usda.gov/Main/
, a collection of studies on plants, soil, insects and more. There are more than 1,000 edible insect species in the world. Bug Recipes contain yucky dishes sure to gross out your family! Read about the many plants and animals Lewis and Clark discovered as they explored the West in the early 1800s. They even learned that prairie dogs never drink water and discovered the grizzly bear.

Stay Safe!

Burt the TurtleDanger Rangers, dangerrangers.com, are a friendly team of characters who want you to have fun and stay safe. Choose Music and jam to music videos such as Rules of the Road. You’ll be singing along to these catchy tunes in no time! Do you like adventures? Move on to Videos to watch full-length animated features like Mission 547, where the Rangers defeat hidden dangers by following important safety rules. Now it’s time for Games, where you can play Hot Potato and help Squeeky find items in his house that can burn. Download Activities such as crafts, snack recipes or greeting cards for a good rainy-day project.

Speak Out

What are your favorite road trip games?

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Dear Amy: If someone stalks me on the computer, should I respond? — Daniel, Topeka, Kan.

Dear Daniel: Finding out that you have an online stalker is scary. The good news is that there are actions you can take to stop someone from harassing you. According to Working to Halt Online Abuse, haltabusektd.org/help/
, you should tell whoever is stalking or harassing you to stop. Be sure to save a copy of this message and do not respond if the harasser writes back. Also, save any communications you’ve received from the harasser and give them to your parents or another trusted adult, who can then help you decide on the best course of action.

Many online services such as social networking sites make it easy to block another user from contacting you through their service. However, this only works for the specific account you have blocked. A stalker could sign up for a different account, which would not be blocked. For more help, visit haltabusektd.org/help/help.html.

You can also prevent cyber harassment by sharing your email address and other online contact information only with people you know, such as friends and relatives.


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