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What is echo-
Shouting to hear your echo
A warning system used by dolphins
Using sound to find objects in the environment

What is the most common New England firefly called?

What is the symbol for Prometheus?
Roaring lion
Flaming torch

All About Cetaceans

dolphinsThere’s a lot more to dolphins than their entertaining behavior. Wild Animal Watch: Dolphins, teacher.scholastic.com/
, provides a closer look with research biologist Dan Odell. Explore All About Dolphins, then see how you rate as a dolphin expert when you play the Cetacean Relations Game. Did you know that the killer whale, the largest dolphin, can grow to more than 20 feet long? In the Tank describes a study using “pingers” that make sounds in the water to warn marine mammals so they don’t get entangled in fishing nets.

Play Pony Division
Pony Division

Lighting Up the Night

fireflyHelp scientists gather research from your own backyard when you join the Firefly Watch, legacy.mos.
. If you can commit to spending 10 minutes in your backyard one evening each week throughout the summer, you can become a citizen scientist. Did you know that there is more than one type of firefly? Visit the Virtual Habitat to learn to identify the three main groups by flash color, pattern and location. Did you know that fireflies are not bugs or flies, but beetles? Read more about this and other fascinating facts when you visit Understanding Fireflies.

Monstrous Adventures

SphinxMythological monsters appear from a 12-year-old boy’s textbooks in Percy Jackson & The Olympians, percyjacksonbooks.com. Adventures and exciting characters abound in this book series about a boy who finds out his family history isn’t what he thought. Read character profiles in Olympians, Gods & Monsters, then the summaries in About the Series to help decide which books you’d like to read. Watch movie trailers in Videos, then move on to Adventure and play the Trivia game to see how well you know the series. Next, download games and the icons of your favorite characters.

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A Splash of Science

Whether it’s in the ocean, a lake or the neighborhood pool, swimming is one of my favorite ways to beat the summer heat. While I swim for leisure, there are many people who take it very seriously. Competitive swimmers such as Olympic athletes work hard to be in top shape and make their swimming strokes as efficient as possible. Whether or not they realize it, swimmers use science to move through the water, maximizing thrust and minimizing drag. To learn more about the science of swimming, visit timeforkids.com/news/science-swimming/42826.

Science also plays a role in another classic water activity — skipping stones. You must find a rock that’s the right shape and throw it a specific way to make it skip across the surface of the water. If you want to work on your technique, check out Rock Skipping Tips from the BYU Splash Lab at youtube.com/embed/Ik64mtXYWxA. You’ll even see awesome slow-motion footage of exactly what happens when a stone skips. Have a fun and science-filled summer!


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