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Who wrote “Arthur the Elephant”?

What is Didi looking for in Mazes?
His sister
A treasure chest
The cheese

Strawberries are members of what family?
The rose family
The citrus family
The palm family

Visual Stories

elephant flying with balloonsHave you ever looked at a drawing and thought about the story behind it? Storybird, storybird.com, is a collection of more than 5 million stories written by people of all ages. Each one starts with a picture, illustration or painting. Find an image in the database that inspires you and write a story that goes with it. Before you create, take time to Explore. Choose from Categories such as Magic or Mystery, or type in a keyword such as “unicorns” to get started. Artists from all over the world share their work to encourage your writing.

Play Integer Warp
Integer Warp

Get Brainy

cartoon kidsIf you like games and learning, Smarty Games, smartygames.com, is the place to go! Exercise your brain as you put the numbers in the right place in Sudoku. Help Caroline navigate the garden and collect ladybugs in the correct order in Counting. Did You Know that it’s impossible to lick your elbow? Learn other fun facts as you explore the site. Try to guess who’s New at School when you play the Memory Game. Ready for a challenge? Help Michael save the princess using your Math skills, then help a Robot find his spaceship in Mazes.

Fresh and Tasty

strawberryMeet a colorful group of friends and find out how to stay healthy when you visit The Taste Buddies, thetastebuddies.org. Professor Gettup can answer all of your food questions, such as why onions make your eyes water. Have you ever been to the grocery store with your mom and wondered what some of those vegetables in the produce section even are? Now you can find out in Know It, where Simon’s A to Z Guide to Fruits and Vegetables shares photos and yummy facts about everything from asparagus to zucchini. Hope you paid attention, because now it’s time to Play It and guess which fruit or veggie you see.

Speak Out

What’s your favorite kind of tree? Why?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: Why do we have the Web, and when was it created? — Kayanna, Augusta, Ga.

Dear Kayanna: When Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau had the idea for the World Wide Web in 1989, the Internet had already existed for decades. Networked computers could send files and even email, but there wasn’t a simple way to share information widely. Berners-Lee and Cailliau proposed a system of hypertext (text that contains links you can click on to go directly to a website) to help researchers share information, and this grew into the World Wide Web. Berners-Lee created the tools to bring the Web to life, allowing websites around the world and other information to be publicly accessed. To learn more, visit boutell.com/newfaq.

Dear Amy: How do you know if free software online is safe? — Cole, Manchester, N.H.

Dear Cole: There are a lot of great software programs that are free, but unfortunately, not everything called “free” is actually safe. A good way to avoid viruses, spyware and other malware is to download only from safe websites. Popular options are download.cnet.com and filehippo.com. Ask your parents to make sure antivirus and firewall software are installed to keep your computer safe.


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