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How much will Rex weigh when he grows up?
Almost 2 tons
Almost 4 tons
Almost 6 tons

How can you identify a robin as a baby?
Small size, unique call, black beak, and it can't fly
Speckled breast, soft, bright orange beak, and looks like it's begging for food
Downy feathers, yellow beak, and is constantly chirping

What causes
the Stroop
Relative change in frequency

Museum Fun

Dobby the blobThe National Museums Liverpool kids’ website, liverpoolmuseums.org.uk/
, has a wonderful collection of games and activities. Can you Escape From the Mummy’s Tomb in Games and Quizzes? Collect objects and bring them back safely before the mummy catches you! Then explore the Ancient Eqypt Gallery. Cargo A-Go-Go is a ship-loading challenge. Load cargo correctly to earn money before you set sail. Now move on to Make and Colour to design your own Adinkra cloth. Meet Rex the dinosaur in Videos, then visit the display of record-breaking animals in Did You Know.

Play Kitten Hop
Kitten Hop

Observe and Report

monarch butterflyJoin students all over the world who are tracking this spring’s wildlife migration at Journey North for Kids, learner.org/jnorth/Kids
You can use your own backyard to collect data about whatever you are interested in. Did you know that monarch butterflies fly to and from Mexico? Try to spot the first arrivals and record your sightings. Watch the Robin’s Nest Movie and gather clues about how the mother provides tiny bits of food to feed her babies. Gray whales swim more than 10,000 miles every year – see how they survive the journey.

Science Buzz

peacockScience is fun and games at the Ontario Science Centre, ontario
. Visit Inside Out to read about whether eating cheese sandwiches can help you make better decisions, then learn how to tell if such a claim is true or baloney. Science Games combine learning and fun. Croaker Concentration is a matching and memory game where you will try to pair frogs by their sounds. If you think you are a fast reader, your eyes will play tricks on you when you experience the Stroop Effect. Science Spotlight highlights current news topics so you can stay informed.

Speak Out

What’s your favorite summer activity?

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Summer Survival Guide

Whether you’re heading off to summer camp, taking a family vacation or just hangin’ at home this summer, there’s always something fun to do. Last summer I went kayaking and had a blast! I plan to go again, but this summer I will be more careful to avoid sunburns. If you’re out in the sun, it’s important to wear sunscreen and keep hydrated.

Visit these sites for more summer safety tips and activities to keep you entertained:

Stay Safe Center

Outdoor Activities for Children

200 Fun Ideas for Your Summer Bucket List


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