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In the Year of the Snake, what is the color of good luck?

Who invented gummy bears?
Hans Riegel
Carl Benz
Christian Friedrich Ludwig Buschmann

What living things do
prokaryotic cells come from?

Not Just News

immigration map of USFind out what’s going on around the world at Youngzine, youngzine.org. Use the interactive world map to read about An Elephantine Issue, or learn what a former comedian had to do with elections in Italy. This site isn’t just about current events, however. You can submit your own writing, reviews, videos and art at U Write. Want to take a break from reading and writing? Visit Play Zine where you will find hilarious comic strips, then play some classic arcade games such as Ms Pacman and Tetris.

Play Ratio Martian
Ratio Martian

All About Germany

bear with globeJoin Max and Molly, the Voyage Kids, ukgermanconnection.org/
, on a quest to learn more about life in Germany. Did you know that Nobel Prize-winning scientist Albert Einstein was born in Germany? Find Out is all about famous people, inventions and fantastic facts! Now color online, make a yummy birthday treat and celebrate Karneval at Make & Do. Are you up for a challenge? Visit Stories & Songs to learn and act out a new song, then see if the tune sounds familiar. Alex and Ben love adventures, and you can follow their journey at The Bears.

Cellular Science

plant cellIf you enjoy solving mysteries, you will have fun trying to figure out what is wrong with Shaggy the dog at Biotech: Cell Theory, childrensmuseum.org/
. Travel with the scientist into Shaggy’s stomach to collect cell samples to examine under the microscope. Learn about different types of cells, then try to Rebuild Shaggy’s Cells. Test Your Skills to find out what you’ve learned, starting with the basics at Rookie Riddles. Next, match cell parts and definitions in Memory Master, then try to tackle the advanced questions in Professional Puzzlers.

Speak Out

Who is your favorite comic strip character? Why?

Speak Out Here!

Dear Amy: What website can teach me how to draw cartoon characters? — Alexis, (no city), La.

Dear Alexis: Learning to draw can be fun, but it also requires patience and a lot of practice. The easiest cartoon tutorials start with basic shapes, add more details and then remove any extra markings. Grab some paper and a pencil and head to bluetadpolestudio.com/HowToDraw.html for easy step-by-step cartoon tutorials on how to draw animals, cars and more.

Another helpful site is expressivemonkey.com, where you can learn to draw people, animals, bugs, elves and even monsters. Be sure to try out the Birds drawing sheet, where you roll dice to mix and match different parts and draw your own Angry Birds-inspired creation.

Finally, check out the drawing lessons at drawingcoach.com/cartoon-drawing-lessons.html. If you need some scenery for your characters, learn how to draw a house, trees, clouds and more. After you’re comfortable with the tutorials, read How to Draw Cartoons in Your Own Style to learn how to give your drawings personal flair. Your cartoon style can be serious, silly or even a little bit of both — it’s up to you!


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