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What animal does Emmet describe in Guess the Animal?

What is astronaut Tracy Caldwell Dyson’s greatest reward in her job?
Contributing to important research
Becoming part of history
The dramatic view of Earth

How many times a year does the average human blink?
2.5 million
6 million
1 billion

Young Authors

dragon reading a bookDo you aspire to be a writer? Kids on the Net, kidsonthenet.com/
, invites children to submit their writing to be featured online. Thousands of kids all over the world are writing poems, articles, reports and opinions to share with others. Visit Monster Motel and explore the building, then write about monsters who would stay in the rooms. Now make up a spell for the Spellbook. How to Write gives you tips about all types of writing. Take a break in Activities and Games where Dragonsville makes writing a blast.

Play Penguin Jump
Penguin Jump

Dream Big

Dr. Monica Hall PorterCareer Girls, careergirls.org, is the place to go to plan your future. You will see interviews with women who are judges, architects, journalists and more. You will be inspired to reach for the stars as you meet women who share their journeys to success. To get started, choose a career from the I Want to Be list. For instance, if you want to be a scientist, you can hear from Dr. Monica Hall Porter, who describes her research in heart disease. Find out more in How Do I Do This? Then scroll down to meet professionals in other fields.

Not-So-Serious Science

kids with homemade volcanoScience Made Fun, sciencemadefun
, is full of experiments, trivia, jokes and games to help you discover the fun side of science. Does your mom have the recipe for Elephant Toothpaste? Well, now you and your mom can make it together so you’ll be ready for the next elephant that comes to visit. Why don’t bats fly alone? Because they like to hang around their friends! Learn more Jokes that will have you and your friends either cracking up or groaning. Play Now to take the scientist challenge in Cosmic Capers. Better brush up on your Trivia if you want to win.

Speak Out

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Kids Cookin’

I love to cook! For as long as I can remember, I have been helping out in the kitchen and even dreaming up my own tasty creations. I have learned a lot by cooking with my mom, and when I was old enough to prepare food by myself, I acquired new skills by carefully following the directions in recipes.

If you’re interested in learning to cook, there are lots of resources that can help. A great place to start is online cooking shows made for kids by kids. Here are a few of my favorite sites that feature kids in the kitchen. Before you start cooking, be sure to have a grown-up around to supervise and help if needed.

Kids Who Love to Cook


The Cooking Kid


Ask Amy a Question

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