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Where did William’s coronation take place?
Windsor Castle
Westminster Abbey
Buckingham Palace

Which insect tastes with its feet?
Honey bee

What is the Pythagorean theorem?
x² + y² = distance²
sin²Θ + cos²Θ = 1
√2 is irrational

An Epic Tale

tapestry characterBritain’s replica of the Bayeux Tapestry,
bayeuxtapestry.org.uk, illustrates the
exciting tale of a historic battle between William the Conquerer and King Harold II over who was the rightful heir to the throne of England. This colorful embroidered tapestry is more than 70 meters long and depicts the events surrounding the Battle of Hastings in 1066. Read the whole story as you examine intricate details of each piece of the tapestry. Do the pictures tell the whole history? Once you reach the end of the tapestry, find out What Happened After Hastings.

Play Toad Hop
Toad Hop

Grow Your Dinner

seedsDiscover the fun of growing your own food at Gardening With Children, gardeningwith
, a site for the entire family. Fascinating Facts is a great place to find information about plants and insects that will surprise you. For instance, did you know that many toadstools are poisonous, or that tiny phytoplankton produce half the oxygen in the world? If you are still curious or interested in starting your own garden, Ask an Expert like Simon, who knows all about the science of gardening, marine biology and small animals.

The Math Path

engineerIf you want to grow up to design robots, build roller coasters, be an animation artist, or even own a cafe, you will need to learn math. At Math Apprentice, mathapprentice.com, you can choose a character and explore a virtual world where you experience jobs that use mathematical concepts every day. At Wheelworks, you can use ratios and geometry to build a custom bicycle for a professional athlete. Meet Clair, a programmer who designs video games, in Game Pro. Help her program an adventure game and see how important math is in moving characters around the screen.

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Who is your favorite video game
character? Why?

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Dear Amy: What are some safe, kid-friendly websites where kids and teens can start their own blogs? — Katharine, Norwood Young America, Minn.

Dear Katharine: There are a lot of blogging websites available, but most of them require users to be 13 or older. A great blogging alternative for kids is Yoursphere, yoursphere.com. This kids-only social networking site is free to join and features games, blogs, a virtual world and more.

If you’re 13 or older, it’s OK to use one of the major blog sites such as Blogger, blogger.com, or WordPress, wordpress.com. These sites can be safe as long as you’re smart about what you post. You should never post personal information on a blog or anywhere else online. This includes your full name, address, phone number, email, school name or any other information that could be used to personally identify you.

For more safety tips on blogging, visit microsoft.com/security/family-safety/blogging.aspx with a parent or guardian. It’s a good idea to set blogging guidelines with a parent or guardian before you start publishing your new blog. Have fun and stay safe!


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