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What does AAHA stand for?
American Animal Hospital Association
Australian Animal Health Academy
Anonymous Animal Help Association

Why do onions make you cry?
Tears are an allergic reaction to the onion
People don't like cutting or eating onions
When an onion is cut, cells are ruptured, which causes a chemical reaction

How many dives did scientists take to film a giant squid for the first time?

Happy Pets

dog and catOwning a pet is a big responsibility, which is why the Healthy Pet Kids Klub, healthypet.com/KidsKlub, helps you learn all about your pet. Would you like to be a veterinarian when you grow up? In Games, you can play Becoming a Veterinarian to learn what a vet does each day. Care Sheets will show you the best way to take care of your turtle, dog, cat, bird or guinea pig. If your dog has bad breath, learn why in Fun Facts. Coloring and Activity Sheets will give you tips on such topics as how to safely meet a strange dog.

Play Coconut Vowels
Coconut Vowels

Can You Grow Candy Corn?

candy cornWonderopolis, wonderopolis.org, is where curious kids can find answers to thousands of questions. How Hungry Are Hippos? Do Insects Work Out? Find out if gum really stays in your stomach for seven years. Get answers to your craziest questions in Wonders, where you can search by keyword and topic. Then dig deeper with Try It Out, where you’ll find fun activities related to each question. You can customize an exhibit to fit your style with Wonderize IT! There are always new questions to answer or fascinating places to visit. Nominate your Wonder of the Day!

Kid News

NBA playersHere There Everywhere, htekidsnews.com, is a news site designed just for kids. Stay informed about important topics, from science to sports to U.S. news. Kids want to be in the know, but sometimes watching the news or reading the paper can be confusing, since they’re targeted to grown-ups. Do you hear your parents talking about events that you would like to know more about? Now you can participate in discussing what is going on in the world today with parents and friends. Visit Links to see all the different categories, access older stories and ask your own questions at You Ask!

Speak Out

What would you hope to find
on a deep-sea dive?

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Math Is Natural

I love to go on nature walks, especially in the spring when flowers are in bloom. It can be a great time to look for math in nature. Don’t believe me? If you look closely, you’ll see that parts of some plants grow in spirals, such as the seed pattern in a sunflower. This pattern is a wonderful illustration of the mathematical and artistic concept of the “golden ratio” occurring in nature. To see how it works, visit mathsisfun.com/numbers/nature-golden-ratio-fibonacci.html. You’ll also find the golden ratio in spiral seashells, pine cones and flower petals.

Plants aren’t the only examples of math occuring in nature. Did you know that butterflies are a beautiful model of bilateral symmetry? Most animals, including humans, have bilateral symmetry, which means that each half is an approximate reflection of the other half.

For more examples of math in nature, flip through the photo slideshow at abc.net.au/science/photos/mathsinnature. Next time you’re in the backyard or taking a walk in the park, see if you can spot the math in nature.


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