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What is the Warm Welcome project?
Make a nice soft pillow for children in the hospital who have serious illnesses
Make alphabet letter posters for a kindergarten classroom
Fill duffel bags or backpacks with items for foster kids

How is alcohol digested?
Alcohol helps break down food in the stomach and is digested with the food
The blood-stream takes alcohol directly from the stomach
Alcohol breaks down in the stomach and is absorbed in the small intestine

When a
dolphin swims upside down, what behavior is it exhibiting?
It is playing
It is trying to attract a mate
It is showing submission

Change the World

volunteers paintingJoin generationOn, generationon.org, and become part of a group of kids committed to improving their communities and the world. Watch “Get to Know Us” and learn what it’s like to serve others. Now visit Kids and take a quiz to find out your Volunteer Style. What Do You Care About? If you like animals, you can volunteer at a shelter or help find good homes for pets. If you love to read, tutor younger kids after school. Some kids don’t have enough food to eat; you can organize a food drive to help. Check out 65 Ways to get started today!

Play Puppy Chase
Puppy Chase

Good Choices

figure jumpingThousands of kids have chosen to be Too Smart to Start underage drinking, toosmarttostart.
, and you can be one of them. Did you know that alcohol use can cause problems with friends, family and even your grades in school? Animated Reel Life episodes like “Sally and Jennifer” show how to stay safe and protect your future. “Susan and Jose” feel pressured to act older at a party. You can help decide if the risks are worth it. Now take the Interactive Body quiz in Free Games to see how alcohol really affects your health.

Ocean Tales

dolphinsMap a Shipwreck or solve a mystery in the great Seal Rescue at Immersion Learning, immersionlearning.org. We all know the story of the ocean liner Titanic. Visit Games and use footage of the actual ship to create and edit your own film with Titanic Moviemaker. Thousands of years ago, a volcanic eruption sank the Greek island of Thera into the sea. Gather evidence to decide for yourself whether Plato’s legend of Atlantis is based on this event in Blast From the Past. Now be a dolphin in Dolphin-Speak and guess whether a behavior is socializing, feeding or baby-sitting.

Speak Out

Do you volunteer in your community?
If so, where?

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In the Know About H2O

Water might seem like an ordinary substance, but it’s really amazing stuff! Water is the only substance on Earth that naturally occurs as a solid, liquid and gas. We’re made of water, too – the human body is 55 percent to 78 percent water by weight.

Educating yourself about water and its importance is a great way to celebrate World Water Day on March 22. Visit these sites to learn cool facts about water and what you can do to help preserve this precious resource.

World Water Day 2013


Water Trivia Facts

Save Water in Cool Ways


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