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What series of stories did Nick Bruel create when he was in fourth grade?
The Adventures of the Invisible Family
Bad Kitty
The Cartoon Kids

What can we do now so that people and animals can coexist?
Donate to charity, raise money for homeless shelters, be nice to your siblings
Learn about endangered animals, stop wasting paper, use environ-mentally-friendly products
Eat more pizza, watch TV every day, throw more parties

Who were the first Europeans to see Niagara Falls?
Christopher Colulmbus and his crew
English colonists from Plymouth
French fur traders

Write Like a Pro

Wimpy Kid writingIf you like entertaining your friends with stories, Writers Speak to Kids, nbclearn.com
, has tips from the experts. Children’s book authors share what inspires them and how they create characters. Do you love to read and use your imagination? You’ll like Michael Buckley, who wrote “The Sisters Grimm” to give girls a chance to lead adventures. Nick Bruel was always fascinated with comic strips. Find out who his Bad Kitty character is really based on. Ridley Pearson helps you get better writing grades at school.

Play Spelling Bees
Spelling Bees

Save the Animals!

sea turtleOur Endangered Animals, konicaminolta.com/kids/
, need to be protected, and kids can help! Prof. Konica Minolta will guide you on several missions to gather knowledge he has gained on his travels. Your first mission is to find out “What’s an endangered animal?” Check the Endangered Animals List to see if your favorite animal is included. Now, Study With Comics and learn about important issues such as global warming, deforestation and acid rain. Two kids and a robot illustrate the facts in comic strips.

Maps of the New World

British shipHistory comes to life in Mapping Colonial America, history.org/history/
, as you study the detailed maps created by early explorers. Mapmaking might not seem like exciting work, but imagine making the first map of an area! Maps helped explorers and settlers travel to new lands to build colonies and facilitate trade. Including bodies of water allowed sailors to know what to expect and arrive at ports safely. If you are doing a project on U.S. history from 1492-1789, you will find graphics for illustration and stories about the men who discovered America.

Speak Out

What is your favorite picture book?

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Dear Amy: I’m in middle school right now, and I want to go to college when I’m older. Is there anything I can do to start preparing? — Maria, Houston, Texas

Dear Maria: Although colleges won’t look at your middle school grades when you apply, it’s still important to work hard in school. Everything you do in middle school prepares you for high school. Developing good study habits now will help you in high school and beyond. For great study tips, visit how-to-study.com.

When you sign up for classes, choose those that will challenge you. For example, selecting an advanced math class will help prepare you for high school math classes. Certain advanced classes in high school, such as Advanced Placement Biology, may allow you to earn some college credit before you graduate. To learn more about choosing classes in middle school, go to aie.org/planning-for-college/making-choices/choose-your-middle-school-courses.cfm.

For more tips on preparing for college, visit studentaid.ed.gov/prepare-for-college/checklists/middle-school. This page has a handy checklist for students and one for parents to keep you on track for college.


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