Week of March 3, 2013
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What are the signs of dehydration?
Sweating, chills and nausea
Dry cracked lips, dry mouth and decreased energy
Migraine headache, irritibility and dry mouth

Who designed the Ferris wheel?
William Somers
Antonio Manguino
George W. Ferris

What two bones do members of the elephant family have that humans do not have?
Tusk and Caudal Vertebrae
Lumbar and Sacral Vertebrae
Thoracic Vertebrae and Tusk

Smart Eats

ant with chef's hatPlay games and have fun at ZisBoomBah, zisboombah.com, as you learn healthy living skills. Are you already a healthy eater? Prove it in Games when you try to build a nutritious meal in Pick Chow. Ready for dessert? Oops! No dessert unless your meal gets a five-star rating. Now Get Cooking. View Recipes to find an afternoon snack, brain foods for test day or a light bedtime treat. If you are in a hurry, you can still eat on the run: Drinks & Smoothies is full of great recipes. Go to Fun Stuff to Get Active year-round when you download fun games to play indoors and out.

Play Furious Frogs
Furious Frogs

Imagine and Create

chemical engineerBecome an Engineer Girl, engineergirl.org, and you could grow up to design airplanes, protect the environment or create structures that keep people safe from natural disasters. Visit Engineers to meet people like Kelly Bernish, an environmental engineer in charge of ride and guest safety at Walt Disney World. Find out What They Do and learn Fun Facts about the amazing things engineers have already designed, such as the Ferris wheel and Hubble Space Telescope. Now Try on a Career. Set goals in How to Get There, and find contests, clubs and scholarship information.

Ice Age Excavation

hand holding mastodon fossilThe Denver Museum of Nature & Science shares its exciting Snowmastodon Project, dmns.org/science/the-snowmastodon-project. Nearly 5,000 fossils from Ice Age animals have been excavated since late 2010 near Snowmass Village, Colorado. Project Updates have notes and videos from scientists who uncovered bones of mammoths, mastodons and even camels! Teams competed to leave no bone behind, and you can share the experience when you watch “Ice Age Site Yields 4,517 Bones from 20 Different Animals.” Discovery Timeline tells the story of how a bulldozer exposed the tusk of a mammoth.

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Global Classroom

This week, from March 5-7, students from all over the world will be participating in the World Education Games. This three-day event is hosted at worldeducationgames.com, where students will compete in math, science and literacy. To learn more about the World Education Games, visit blog.worldeducationgames.com. These games are a great example of how the Internet is changing the way we learn and interact with other students. It has become easier than ever to reach across the globe and find email penpals in Australia or have a video conference with a classroom in China.

Education is changing for adults, too. The MIT OpenCourseWare website, ocw.mit.edu, provides free access to course materials from more than 2,000 different MIT courses. Other websites such as Coursera, coursera.org, and Open Culture, openculture.com, offer free courses and online resources from many different universities. Students and self-learners from anywhere in the world can take these courses online at their own pace. With sites like these, we can all have a truly world-class education!


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