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How does Aimee train her dog to find bears?
He tracks their prints
He finds their food source
He smells their poop

What is the Karuk Headdress made of?
Deer hide, woodpecker and blue jay feathers
Buffalo hide, eagle and hawk feathers
Rabbit hide and cardinal feathers

Where is the safest air during a fire?
Up high
In the middle of the room
Down low

Science in Action

girls conducting makeup experimentYou get to be the scientist on Dragonfly TV, pbskids.org/dragonflytv. Do you have a science fair coming up? Watch “Got Science Fair Savvy?” on The Buzz to learn how to ace your project. Dissolve the Eggshell is just one of many fun experiments in Try This. Science Fair lets you spin the wheel to find a topic, then watch an episode to learn more. Play Games and join the Planetary Rescue Squad or the Great Balloon Race. DFTV features real scientists like Aimee Hurt, who trains her dog to find bears, wolves and mountain lions.

Play Division Derby
Division Derby

Native Culture

Kuna Kantule HatTake a virtual trip through various regions of the Americas to learn about the Infinity of Nations, nmai.si.edu/exhibitions/infinity
. Play Culture Quest and travel to each region, gathering facts about its people, environment and unique objects. Complete all 10 activities to earn badges and become a Culture Quest Leader. Did you know that headdresses were given only to people who served important roles in their communities? Explore the Gallery to examine interesting objects and contemporary art.

Fire Safety Fun

Marty and JettMarty and his pet turtle Jett teach us how to stay safe at U.S. Fire Safety Administration for Kids, usfa.fema.gov/kids
. Would you like to Become a Jr. Fire Marshal? Complete each of three lessons, then take the quizzes that follow to help you study for the final test. Once you have passed the Jr. Fire Marshal test, you can download your official certificate. Now it’s time for Fun and Games. Try to find the dangerous items in the room and remove them to make it safer in Hazard House. See if you know the correct answers to solve Marty and Jett’s Crossword Puzzles.

Speak Out

If you could choose a Native American
name for yourself, what would it be?

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Dear Amy: Has there been any exploration on the planet Uranus? — Emmalee, West Haven, Conn.

Dear Emmalee: So far, the only visit to Uranus was by Voyager 2 almost 30 years ago. The unmanned spacecraft’s primary mission was a flyby of Jupiter and Saturn. Once the mission was completed, NASA set the course to Uranus. In 1986, Voyager 2 reached its closest approach to Uranus. Among Voyager 2’s discoveries were 10 new moons and two new rings. To learn more, visit NASA’s Missions to Uranus at solarsystem.nasa.gov/missions/

Dear Amy: Why do people sometimes have red eyes in photos? — Jayden, New York, N.Y.

Dear Jayden: You’ve probably noticed that red eyes seem to happen only in photos where a flash was used. This is because the flash from the camera reflects off the retina in the back of your eye. The reflection is red because the retina has lots of tiny blood vessels that keep it nourished. Find out more about red-eye and how to prevent it at electronics.howstuffworks.com/
. Also, many photo editing apps such as Picasa, picasa.google.com, can fix red eyes in digital pictures.


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