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What type of hair makes the most durable paintbrush?

How much can a largetooth sawfish weigh?
500 lbs.
900 lbs.
1300 lbs.

Which U.S. Department transports the mail abroad?
Department of State
Department of Defense
Department of Commerce

An Artist’s Perspective

paintingIf you like modern art, you will enjoy Painting With Elizabeth Murray, joy2learn.org/painting. Find out what she was like when she was your age in Growing Up. She didn’t even like to color because she couldn’t stay in the lines! Watch videos about each topic, then solve the puzzles in Activities. Click objects in My Studio to discover her favorite artists, how she creates color and what role her family plays in her work. In the MoMA Tour she shares some of her favorite pieces and the creative thought process in her art.

Play Giraffe Pull
Giraffe Pull

Save the Estuary

girls hula-hoopingYou’ll have a great time exploring Estuary Education, estuaries.noaa.gov/
, if you like marine biology, protecting animals or working outdoors. Meet an Expert like Lindsay Thomas, who leads students on kayaking and biking trips and tours of salt marsh habitats. Research endangered species like the Largetooth Sawfish, then Take a Quiz to see if you really learned the facts. Oscar the Otter meets his friend Valerie on the road in Fun & Games. Help them clean up and save Oscar’s home in Where Rivers Meet the Sea.

Military Mail

delivering mailThe mail must be delivered, whether to a submarine or a camp overseas. Find out how it happens in Mail Call, postalmuseum.si.edu/mailcall. Hearing from loved ones is important to our soldiers because it keeps them from feeling so alone. In Morale, watch an interview with a postal clerk about why receiving a package means so much to a soldier away from home. Did you know that military workers can send mail postage-free during wartime? Find out how the system has improved in the last 200 years when you explore The Mail Piece. Get Involved: Start writing letters yourself!

Speak Out

Do you have a relative in the military? Where is he or she stationed?

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Did You Know … ?

I love trivia and fun facts! Whether I’m watching a game show or flipping through a trivia book, I enjoy learning surprising things that I can share with my family and friends. For example, did you know that an ostrich’s eye is bigger than its brain? Maybe one day I’ll even go on a game show and win some cool prizes. For now, I’ll continue to collect facts and play quiz games online to keep my mind sharp. Here are some awesome sites for all you trivia fans out there:

Fun Facts and Trivia

All Trivia Game and Facts Directory

Fact Monster Quiz Archive

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