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Who is the U.S. secretary of state?
Condoleezza Rice
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Madeleine Albright

What does Computer Security “Oops” explain how to do?
Choose a strong password
Use a search engine
Prevent cyberbullying

What type of scientist studies insects?

Be a Citizen Diplomat

diplomats around table at media addressProtecting the interests of the American people is the mission of the U.S. Department of State. Learn how this important work is done in diplomacy.state.
. If you ever run into trouble abroad, you can go to a U.S. Embassy for help. Diplomacy 101 explains what our diplomats do and where they work around the world. The Explorer interactive map is a fun way to learn about interesting people, places or issues. Did you know Benjamin Franklin was not just an inventor? He was also an accomplished negotiator overseas.

Play Swimming Otters
Swimming Otters

Digital Dolphin

Hector the dolphinPut on your goggles and jump in the ocean to learn about digital citizenship through the animated adventures in Hector’s World, hectorsworld.com. Click Kids, then the left bubble arrow, to go to Silicon Deep Town Hall for Professor Torty’s Website Tour. Are you ready to explore the underwater settlement and meet Hector Protector and his friends? Grab some popcorn and a front-row seat at the Episode Theatre in Silicon Deep East. Pick a topic and sea creatures will teach you what you need to know to stay safe online. Now swim over to the Games Arcade for a fun break.

Totally Buggin’

tarantulaAustralia‘s Museum Victoria explains the creepy crawly creatures we call Bugs, museumvictoria.com.au/bugs. Did you know there are more than 10 million species of bugs? They haven’t all been discovered yet, so you might be able to find a new one in your own backyard! Bugs Are Amazing, and you will be impressed when you see their Bug Homes. Humans aren’t the only engineers; insects create mounds, tunnels and nests with materials they gather. Now try to catch some bugs for the cabinet at the museum in the Bug Catcher Game. The Field Guide can help if you get into a jam.

Speak Out

What is the best way to connect
with friends online?

Speak Out Here!

Where Can I Find … ?

According to worldwidewebsize.com, more than 8 billion web pages are indexed by the major search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo! and Ask. With so many sites to search though, it can be a challenge to find exactly what you want online. Luckily, there are some great kids’ search engines that only include kid-friendly sites. KidRex, kidrex.org, uses a custom Google search to filter out adult content, and its search results are specifically from kids’ websites.

Another great option is Kigose, kigose.com, which combines search results from multiple kid-friendly search engines. You can use the drop-down menu to search for specific types of content, such as images, videos, games or books. In the search results, you can look at the results from each search engine by clicking on the different tabs.

Some people like to find sites by using a directory, which lists sites by category and subcategory. For kid-friendly directories, try KidsClick!, kidsclick.org, or Open Directory’s Kids and Teens section, dmoz.org/Kids_and_Teens. These sites make it fun and easy to stay safe online!


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