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What item
did Gregory Hines bring
with him to
Lucky socks
A red bow tie
His floor

What is the scientific term for fear of the dark?

Which red bird is in the top ten?
Northern Cardinal
Scarlet Tanager
Painted Bunting

Great Entertainers

tap shoesTake a video tour of tap in Dancing With Gregory Hines, joy2learn.org/dancing. From the early 1900s, tap dancing was popular in a variety of entertainment formats, such as vaudeville, minstrel shows and movie musicals. Explore The History of Tap before moving to The Creative Process. In Changing Personal Styles, Hines demonstrates how his dancing style evolved over time. As you watch The Artists of Tap, compare the different techniques over the years of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, Ginger Rogers and Savion Glover. Are you ready for a quiz in Activities?

Play Hungry Puppies
Hungry Puppies

Everyday Chemistry

cheeseburgerChemistry Now, nbclearn.
, shows how chemistry is at work all around us. Scientists share videos demonstrating how concepts such as Cheeseburger Chemistry work. Did you know that the yeast used to make buns is a live organism? Watch The Chemistry of Bread and you’ll look at burgers differently. The Chemistry of Chocolate explains why its melting point makes it such a popular treat. The historical conflicts caused by the desire for the cloves and nutmeg spices that give pumpkin pie its distinctive taste will give you a new appreciation for this dessert!

Grab Your Binoculars!

boy looking through binocularsJoin kids across the country as they get ready for the Great Backyard Bird Count on Feb. 15-18, birdsource.org/gbbc/kids. You can help collect important information on the number and species of birds that spend winter in your area by observing them in your backyard. Top Ten Birds will show you what kinds to look for where you live. Create a free GBBC account to get started. Observe an area for at least 15 minutes on one or more of the count days, then create and submit a checklist for each location. Try to identify bird songs in Guess Who’s Squawkin’ and become a bird expert! If you like to cook, make Marvel Meal Treat for the birds and share the recipe!

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What types of birds do you
see in your backyard?

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Dear Amy: What happens when your computer gets hacked? — Blair, Inver Grove Heights, Minn.

Dear Blair: Did you know that the term “hacker” originally referred to someone who was good at programming and other computer skills? Today, most people use “hacker” to describe a person who illegally breaks into other people’s computers. If a hacker gains access to your computer, he or she could erase your hard drive, damage your computer or even steal your identity. Learn about identity theft and what to do if it happens to you at ftc.gov/bcp/edu/microsites/idtheft/consumers/about-identity-theft.html.

If you think your computer has been hacked, there are clues that can help you figure out if you’ve been victimized. For example, you might see new programs installed on your computer or notice that your password has changed. Visit computerhope.com/issues/ch001296.htm for more information.

To help keep your computer safe, make sure you have antivirus and firewall software installed, and always choose strong passwords. A little prevention goes a long way!


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