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What city is known as the birthplace of jazz?
New Orleans
New York City

What is a hallux commonly known as?
The big, first toe

What did Native Americans use plants, clay and minerals for?
To make compost
To craft useful items
To create decorative sculptures

Ragtime Roots

Dizzy GillespieThe Advent of Jazz, neajazzintheschools.org, will have you dancing in your seat as you watch videos and listen to music that was an integral part of American history. Jazz brought people of different races together, as the introductory video in Lesson One shows. See how African-American jazz musicians were influenced by European, Latin and Caribbean rhythms more than two centuries ago. Then listen to Major Artists such as Louis Armstrong, one of jazz’s most creative geniuses. Find favorite artists as you read about their contributions to this unique art form.

Play Penguin Hop
Penguin Hop

Skeletal Anatomy

chimpanzee skeletonIf you like animals, you may have wondered what’s underneath all that fur you see at the zoo. Now you can examine the bones inside primates at eSkeletons, eskeletons.org. Did you know that gorillas are mainly vegetarian and have special stomachs to help them eat tough plants? As you scroll through skeletons you’ll learn all kinds of facts about primates, including humans! Examine the craniums of
a gorilla and a chimp side by side in Comparative Anatomy. Which is smarter? The Glossary is a great resource for your next project.

Artful Heritage

ceramic vaseGrab your helmet and telescope to begin your hands-on exploration of Crafting North Carolina, mintmuseum.org/craftingnc. Native Americans lived there 12,000 years ago, long before history was being written. Click on Early NC, then the arrowhead to read about life before the first explorers. Do you like exciting tales? Adventurers from Europe sailed across the sea in search of new lands, guided by early maps — some of which showed sea serpents! Learn about craft artists who still use the state’s natural resources in their art. Print a FunSheet for a scavenger hunt to find artists in North Carolina.

Speak Out

Who is your favorite jazz musician?

Speak Out Here!

Creatures of the Night

While you’re snuggling into bed, many animals are just starting their “day.” Animals that are awake and active at night are known as nocturnal, whereas animals that are awake and active during the day are diurnal. Nocturnal critters have some unique adaptations that allow them to get around in the dark. Bats rely on echolocation (using sound to locate objects) to determine their surroundings, while other night-dwelling creatures have special eye anatomy that allows them to see in low-light conditions. To learn more about specific adaptations of nocturnal animals, check out these sites:

The Nocturnal Eye


Ask a Scientist!


Ask Amy a Question

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