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What is the House clerk’s most important job?
Calling the roll
Deciding on all questions of order
Keep track of all votes by members of the House of Representatives

Who is the chief of the Forest Service?
Tom Tidwell
Mary Wagner
Franklin B. Hough

How many calories are in a Tempting Tostada?

House Rules

The Capitol BuildingKids in the House, kids.clerk.house.gov, allows students of all ages to experience the legislative branch of the United States government interactively. What Is Congress? reveals how the First Day of Congress is a bit like your first day of school. Do you like art? Constantino Brumidi painted the brilliant “Apotheosis of Washington” on the ceiling of the Capitol rotunda. Read about its symbolism, then tour the House Chamber. A great idea must go through many steps before it becomes law. Follow the process and learn How Laws Are Made.

Play Alien Addition
Alien Addition

Forest Explorers

opossumThe U.S. Department of Agriculture introduces you to real scientists and their research with a publication written just for middle schoolers, Natural Inquirer, naturalinquirer.org. Did you know that you own 155 national forests and 20 grasslands? It’s true! All American citizens are owners of the National Forest System. Find fun areas to visit on your next family vacation in the slideshows at Educational Resources. Free journals are available at View and Order. Read “Time Out” and compare the amount of time you spend outdoors to the results of a nationwide survey of kids.

Get Cookin’

panther eating grapesKids a Cookin’, www.kidsacookin.ksu.
, is an easy way for you to share healthy, kid-approved recipes with Mom and become a pint-sized chef in the kitchen. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cook, you’ll find scrumptious treats to tempt your taste buds in Recipes. Do you have a sweet tooth? Try a Banana Jungle Pop for a healthy after-school snack. Watch the video before you get started to see just how it’s done. Tempting Tostadas are as yummy as tacos, but much less messy to eat! Look for Chef’s Choice accompanying each recipe to get great ideas for side dishes that will complement your meal.

Speak Out

What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

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Fantastic Photos

It’s hard to believe another year has gone by! As I looked through the digital photos I took last year, I realized that I could be doing much more with my pictures than letting them take up space on my hard drive. If you find yourself in the same situation you might want to try some of these ideas.

For starters, you can customize a slideshow screen saver to display your favorite photos. In the Windows operating system, make a folder with copies of the pictures you want to use, then go to the screen saver settings. Next, choose the My Pictures Slideshow and change the settings to use the folder you just created.

Another great idea is to turn your photos into something you can share with friends and family. A digital scrapbook, a slideshow video of highlights from the year or custom greeting cards would make excellent use of your images. You can create 30-second video slideshows for free at animoto.com, or you can make free invitations, greeting cards, scrapbooks and more with the software at smilebox.com. Be sure to ask a parent for permission before signing up. Have fun!


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