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What do cows use their tails for?
As fly swatters and to communicate with each other
To fan themselves so they can stay cool
To help them keep their balance and swim

What did Raegan do to help Joplin, Mo., tornado victims?
Organized a bake sale
Made bracelets to sell
Started a penny drive

Who was president of the United States during the Civil War?
Abraham Lincoln
Jefferson Davis
Ulysses S. Grant

Kids Helping Animals

dogBeing a hero isn’t just about helping people. You can be a hero to animals in your community at PAWS, paws.org/kids.html. Have a bake sale, host a movie night for animals or organize a gift drive for a local pet shelter. These are just some of the ideas you’ll find if you decide to Volunteer. Make yarn balls for cats and rope toys for dogs, or find recipes for treats dogs will love in Stuff to Do. Research for your next animal project at school will be a breeze when you visit Learn, full of information about wild animals, pets and farm animals.

Play Orbit Integers
Dirt Bike Comparing

Make a Difference

Kids Are Heroes groupKids are changing the world one community at a time, and you can get involved at Kids Are Heroes, kidsareheroes.org. You will be moved when you Meet the Heroes like mountain climber Tyler Armstrong, who uses his skills to raise money for boys who have Duchenne, a form of muscular dystrophy. Vivienne decided to “make a stand” and help free 500 child slaves by selling lemonade every day. Her determination motivated people around the world to join the cause. Feeling inspired? Learn how you can Become a Hero, too!

War Stories

bridge under constructionThe stories you’ve studied in your history book will come to life as you explore the Smithsonian’s online exhibit, The Price of Freedom: Americans at War, americanhistory.si.edu/militaryhistory. Did you know that before becoming our first president, George Washington was the brave commander of the Continental Army? Enter the Exhibition to experience the War of Independence in a new way with brilliant photos of artifacts and tales of adventure! You will recognize the famous leaders who inhabit the action-packed stories of the Civil War. See a model of the ship Rattlesnake, or find a specific item using the Collection Search.

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Dear Amy: I want to learn to make computer graphics. How do I get started? — Emma, Arvada, Colo.

Dear Emma: There are many different ways to create digital graphics. One option is to draw using image editing software. Many people find this challenging to do with a computer mouse, so I would recommend using a graphics tablet if you have one. An easier way to create hand-drawn graphics is to sketch your image on white office paper. If you want crisp outlines on the image, trace over the lines with a pen or a fine-tip marker. Use a scanner to import the image into your computer. Then use image editing software to crop, resize, remove stray pencil marks or add color. For tips on scanning line art, visit desktoppub.about.com/od/scanning/ss/scan_line_art.htm.

You can also scan photographs or take pictures with a digital camera for your artwork. Many image editors include filters or special effects you can use to enhance your photos. If you don’t already have image editing software on your computer, there are many free options. Try Sumo Paint, sumopaint.com, or Picasa, picasa.google.com. Play around and experiment — you’ll be creating cool art before you know it!


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