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How many earth days are in a martian year?

Who created the Automat?
Joe Horn and Frank Hardart
Jacob Riis and Mabel Kittredge
Joe Baum

What are the two main parts of a dam?
A floodgate and a hydro-electric generator
A reservoir and a powder-house or generator
A structure or barrier and a spillway

Curiosity’s Adventures

Martian sunsetReturn to Mars, exploratorium.edu/mars, courtesy of NASA’s newest rover, Curiosity. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit Mars? Unlike Earth, its sky is red during the day and turns blue when the sun sets. You can experience Mars with a few fun Activities, such as calculating Your Age on Mars. You might not even be old enough to go to school there! Water boils at a much lower temperature on Mars, as you can see when you create Cold Boiling Water in a few simple steps! Watch Curiosity and other rovers at work in the Video Archive.

Play Orbit Integers
Orbit Integers

What’s For Lunch?

sandwichThe New York Public Library pays tribute to the Lunch Hour, exhibitions.nypl.org/
, the quick meal between 12 and 2 p.m. that originated more than a century ago on the streets of New York. Your tummy may growl as you read about pretzels, pizza and hot dogs in Iconic Foods. Did you know that the first school lunches cost only 3 cents? Try to figure out the difference between a Power Lunch and a Quick Lunch. If you ever visit the NYPL, you might want to see its collection of more than 45,000 menus dating back to 1900.

Build It Big

bridge under constructionFrom skyscrapers to bridges, you might find your dream job in ASCEville, asceville.org, in a surprisingly creative profession. Go on a Scavenger Hunt and look for solar panels, wind energy and other innovations around town, all designed by civil engineers. Have you ever wondered about the process of recycling aluminum, plastic and paper? A video in the Cinema shows the massive machines that do the job. Before water towers there were aqueducts; see one built thousands of years ago in Civil What?! Just for Fun, take the Tunnel Challenge and dig through a mountain!

Speak Out

What’s your favorite thing to eat for lunch?

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Wonderful Winter

We’re only days away from the official start of winter, and that means it’s almost time for winter break. Need some inspiration for fun things to do during your vacation from school? Here are some sites with tons of winter-themed ideas. Get cookin’ and make seasonal snacks, and then create cool crafts such as a personalized snow globe or creatures made from pipe cleaners and felt. If you’re a nature lover, try your hand at making a bird feeder to keep the feathered friends in your neighborhood happy. With so many great ideas, there’s no need to spend your break watching reruns on TV!

Top Winter Treats and Snacks

Kids’ Winter Crafts

Backyard Bird Feeders


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