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What is anime?
Japan-produced animation
Another word for manga
The Japanese word for American cartoons

What should you do if you see bullying?
Ignore it
Tell the bully to “stop or else!”
Get an adult who will stop bullying on the spot

What is Kermit the Frog’s hit song?
“Disco Frog”
“Itís Not Easy Being Green”

Culture Quest

Japanese artworkCreative Japan, www.uk.
, explores the worldwide fascination with Japanese pop culture, including cartoon characters most kids know, from Hello Kitty to Super Mario Bros. Did you know Japanese comics are called “manga”? “Pokemon” was watched by children in more than 68 countries! If you have a Nintendo Gameboy or a Wii at home, you have a piece of Japanese culture. Japan has made advances in other areas of technology as well, such as the the Hayabusa spacecraft asteroid explorer.

Play Capital Penguin
Capital Penguin

Take a Stand

hands holding EarthIf you have ever been picked on or witnessed bullying at school, check out Stop Bullying, stopbullying.gov/
. Bullying is being mean to a person repeatedly. Get The Facts and find out what you can do if you or someone you know is being bullied. Learn how to stand up for yourself or others and why you must always tell a trusted adult who can help. Kid Videos show bullying situations, then help you decide the best way to handle each one. After you have watched the videos, play Games and see if you are ready to Stop Bullying Now!

Priceless Artifacts

Kermit the FrogTake a look at the National Museum of American History’s amazing collection of artifacts that tell America’s stories, americanhistory.si.edu/exhibitions/
. In Online Exhibitions you’ll see Dorothy’s ruby slippers, made famous in the movie “The Wizard of Oz.” Can you name the most recognized Muppet? He has been entertaining fans of “Sesame Street” since the late 1960s. Before cellphones, a telephone wouldn’t fit in your pocket. Click on 1870-1900: Industrial Development to find a picture of Alexander Graham Bell’s Big Box Telephone, which led to a revolution in communication and transformed daily life.

Speak Out

Have you ever been to a foreign country?
If so, where did you visit?

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Dear Amy: I found some images on the Web that I want to use in my school report. Is this OK, or do I need to get permission first? — Will, Charleston, S.C.

Dear Will: Anytime you create something, whether it’s a poem, a report or a photograph, it is automatically copyrighted. The same goes for websites and multimedia content online. Although the images you found are copyrighted, it’s fine to use them in your school report, since it would fall under the rules of “fair use.” However, if your teacher wanted to post your report on the class website, you would need to get permission before including the images. This is because publishing these pictures with your report on a website no longer qualifies as fair use. For more information about copyright laws, visit copyrightkids.org.

If you want to find images you can safely use and share, a good place to look is the Search page at Creative Commons, search.creativecommons.org. Authors and artists can choose to license their works through Creative Commons and grant the public permission to share and/or modify their works. Usually all you need to do to use these works is attribute them to the original author.


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