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When Judy gets in trouble in class, where does Mr. Todd send her?
The principal's office

What is the function of a wind vane?
Measures wind speed
Measures wind direction
Measures air pressure

In which geological period did the first dinosaurs appear?

Way NOT Boring

musiciansJudy Moody, judymoody.com, is always looking for Way-Not-Boring Stuff to Do! Exploring is more fun with a friend; pick a Judy Moody to pal around with as you move through the site. Did you know Stink’s favorite spot in Paul Revere’s house is the musical toilet? See how much you really know about your favorite quirky character in So You Think You Know Judy. If a Treasure Hunt is your thing, try to find all the items on the list. Brighten someone’s day with greeting cards and stamps in Downloadable Fun. Join the Fan Club and customize your membership card.

Play Demolition Division
Demolition Division

Weather Explorers

hands holding EarthGames and experiments make learning about weather a blast at Met Office Education, metoffice.gov.uk/education/
. You control the weather in the Raindrop Letter Game, using an umbrella to catch letters in the right order to spell words. You need 500 points to earn a sunny day as you race to catch the thundercloud “baddies” in the Cloud Attack Game. Did you know you can make clouds indoors on a sunny day? Make a Cloud in a Glass and amaze your family! If you’re feeling really ambitious, Make Your Own Weather Station at home!

Digging Up the Past

Kosair hot air balloon logoThe Melbourne Museum in Australia presents 600 million years:
Victoria Evolves, museumvictoria.com.au/
, an exhibition about how plants, animals and environments have changed over time. When geologists study fossils embedded in rocks, they often create a replica of the animal so we can see what it actually looked like. See if you can match fossils to their reconstructions in Fossil Fun. Then visit the museum without leaving home and view fossils and artifacts up close in the Virtual Exhibition. See replicas of your favorite prehistoric creatures in the interactive Timeline.

Speak Out

What’s your favorite type of weather?

Speak Out Here!

“Upcycle” It!

One of my new hobbies is “upcycling,” which means taking unwanted items and turning them into something usable. For example, I had an old T-shirt with a weird stain on it, but I really liked the fabric color. I cut the good parts of the fabric into long strips and braided them to create a cute new headband. There are tons of ways you can repurpose old clothes, especially if you have sewing skills. For some fun ideas, visit greenliving.national

Upcycling doesn’t stop at fabric, though. Almost anything from bottle caps to egg cartons can be transformed. All it takes is a little creativity and craftsmanship. Check out the crafts at upcycle.co.za/recycle.html. This site has some cool projects, such as milk bottle earrings and a birdhouse made from wood scraps. Many of these crafts would make great gifts. Before you start, be sure to ask a parent for help — some of the projects require power tools or sharp objects like knives. Have fun!


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