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Which special instruments are used to play merengue?
The accordion, the güira and the tambora drum
The congas, the violin and the flute
The claves, the bongos and the trumpet

What element do all living things on Earth contain?

What is Nashawnte diagnosed with?
Crohn’s disease
Cystic fibrosis

Latin Tunes

musiciansEnjoy listening to a collection of Latin American music and the instruments that produce its unique sounds in the Smithsonian Institution’s virtual exhibition Musica del Pueblo, musicadelpueblo.org. Visit Improvising and listen to Merengue Tipico, then compare the acoustic sounds in Harmonizing as musicians play rhythms of the past and present. Do you like to dance? South Texas Conjunto in Community is a lively music style that will get you moving! Scope Local Artists for a variety of songs in Google Earth.

Play Verb Viper
Verb Viper

Spaceship Earth

hands holding EarthEarth’s 583 million-mile cruise around the sun truly makes it our spaceship. Discover this and other amazing facts at Climate Kids, climate.nasa.gov/kids. The Climate Time Machine is a great tool to use to see how sea ice, sea levels and global temperatures have changed over time. Watch Climate Tales and learn why it’s important to save the plankton. Did you know that you can capture enough clean energy from the wind and sun to produce electricity for an entire town? Play Power Up and see if you can win the Platinum Award!

Stress Support

Kosair hot air balloon logoKids help kids deal with stress at the Coping Club, copingclub.
. Being a kid isn’t always fun and games. Sometimes you have serious problems that are hard to handle on your own. Tyler’s tips for kids and parents dealing with divorce offers advice on managing your feelings and behavior. If you ever feel anxious, Amber’s breathing techniques can help you calm down. Taking medicine can be scary. Cody talks about pill swallowing and shows you how to practice, using cupcake sprinkles and candy. Have advice to share? Submit Your Video and your experience may help someone else.

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Dear Amy: When will we have flying cars? — Katie, Boston, Mass.

Dear Katie: Believe it or not, flying cars have already been invented! However, they’re not exactly like the flying cars science fiction writers imagined. A company named Terrafugia has created a car called the Transition that has wings that fold up for driving. Pilots can drive their car to the airport, unfold the wings and take off on the runway like an airplane. Technology this cool isn’t cheap, though. Terrafugia plans to sell the cars for $279,000, and you will also need a pilot’s license to fly them. To learn more about the Transition, visit terrafugia.com/aircraft.html.

Another invention that could change the way we travel is the Shweeb, shweeb.com, a human-powered monorail system. Passengers sit in small pods that hang from the monorail and pedal on a recumbent cycle. Since passengers provide the power source, the Shweeb has zero emissions and even helps passengers stay in shape. The pods can travel up to 25 kilometers per hour, or about 16 miles per hour. Want to try it out? Visitors can ride the original concept system at Agroventures Park in Rotorua, New Zealand, and plans are under way to build the first Shweeb for public transit.


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