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What caused the high levels of lead in Washington, D.C.’s water?
A disinfectant

What two types of bears live in Michigan?
Polar Bear and American Black Bear
American Black Bear and Brown Bear
Polar Bear and Kodiak Bear

Which three continents made up the Old World?
Africa, Australia, Europe
Asia, Europe, South America
Africa, Asia, Europe

Engineer Your Future

examples of mechanical engineeringThe American Society for Engineering Education presents eGFI, egfi-k12.org, an outstanding place to learn all about engineering. Click on the Civil card to learn that civil engineers design some of the world’s largest structures, such as highways, airports and power stations. Meet Marc Edwards, an engineer who made an astonishing discovery about water. Shuffle the deck and move on to Aerospace, where the sky is NOT the limit. Aerospace engineers design rockets and satellites, and they invent spacecraft like the NASA Puffin, a personal aircraft.

Play Ratio Blaster
Ratio Blaster

Wild Michigan

box turtleThe University of Michigan created BioKIDS,
www.biokids.umich.edu, to help kids learn about the diverse species of animals that live in southeast Michigan and beyond. Start with Critter Catalog to access pictures, facts and sounds of many furry and not-so-furry creatures. In Mammals you can find pictures of wolves, foxes and relatives, and hear a coyote howl. Move on to Birds and listen to the cuckoos to see if you’ve heard that sound in your yard. Before searching for more creatures, stop by the Tracks and Sign Guide so you’ll know just what to look for!

Nautical Adventures

astrolabeExploration Through the Ages, ageofex.marinersmuseum.org, features explorers who made discoveries from ancient Egypt to the North Pole. Learn how plants and animals were introduced to other cultures in the Great Exchange. Did you know that long before Starbucks, the first coffee shops were in 1650s Venice? Play Whose Lunch is it Anyway? and pack a lunchbox using food available before 1492. Find what you need for a school report in The Explorers, with accounts of famous expeditions. Check the interactive map showing each ship’s route in Their Voyages.

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You’re in Charge

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you were in control of nature? You could make it warm and sunny outside or create a blizzard. We can’t actually control the environment, of course, but interactive tools online can let you tinker with the weather virtually, build your own custom volcano, control a tornado and more. This is a great way to explore how the natural world works. Grab the controls and have fun!

Interactive Weather Maker

Volcano Explorer

Weather and Climate Activities

Natural Selection



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